Advanced Standing

Master’s degree candidates must receive Advanced Standing to be eligible to enroll in the culminating activity. To obtain Advanced Standing, candidates must have completed a minimum of 21 semester hours, or have completed 18 semester hours and currently be enrolled in 6 semester hours (30 semester hours in a 39-50 semester-hour program; 43 semester hours in a 61 semester-hour program), as well as all prerequisite and ESL courses. In addition, they must have satisfied any provisions or conditions imposed at the time of admission to the program, fulfilled any special conditions or procedures specified by their academic departments, and attained a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for all courses applicable to the degree program.

To apply for Advanced Standing, students must submit an Application for Advanced Standing  with the approval of their academic advisor along with an Application for Graduation (with the graduation fee) to the Graduate Office or regional campus. Verification of Advanced Standing is sent to the student by the Graduate Office or the ROC Student Services Office.

 Time Limitation

All requirements for the master’s degree are to be completed within five years from the time of first course registration for the graduate program at La Verne; all requirements for the doctorate, within eight years. Appeals for extensions of time limitations must be made in writing to the Graduate Appeals Committee.

 Continuous Registration for Culminating Activity/Field Work

Students who receive an IP for 592 or 594 (Thesis), or 596 (Graduate Seminar); or for EDLD 574A, 574B, or 574C; PPS 583A, 583B, or 597; RDG 598 or SPSY 598; or SPED 596; and have not cleared it within one year following the end of the term or semester of registration, can extend their registration for six months with a one-semester-hour extension fee and approval of their sponsor/instructor. A maximum of four six-month extensions will be permitted within the five-year time limit for the completion of the degree.