Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located inside Woody Hall at 1915 Third Street La Verne 91750. Our cross streets are “Third” and “B.”

What is MyDegree Tracker?

MyDegree Tracker (MDT) is the University of La Verne’s online degree audit program for students admitted fall 2017 or later.  MDT allows you to check your completed and outstanding degree requirements at any time.  View your current requirements anytime and verify when transfer credit or equivalencies have been processed.  You can save a PDF of  your evaluation prior to visiting your academic advisor for future course planning.

You can view your remaining requirements and keep track of your degree progress in My Degree Tracker. Log into the Laverne Portal and click on “Degree Audit” in quicklinks.

How do I apply for Advanced Standing?

To apply for Advanced Standing, students must submit an Advanced Standing Application, the required semester hours to advance is as follows:

30         SH Program = 18 SH completed or completed 15 SH & currently enrolled in 3 SH

33-36   SH Program= 21 SH complete or completed 18 SH & currently enrolled in 6 SH

39-50   SH Program= 30 SH completed or completed 25 SH & currently enrolled in 6 SH

51-plus SH Program = 43 SH completed or completed 37 SH & currently enroll in 6 SH

Application for Graduation, and MyDegree Tracker printout or the Program of Study form (located under “Forms”), to the Graduate Academic Services office or regional campus. The graduation fee must be paid prior to submitting your paperwork. Verification of Advanced Standing is sent to the student’s La Verne email by the Graduate Office.

Where do I go for Academic Advising?

Main campus graduate students are advised by their academic advisors for their respective program.  Graduate students seeking academic advising should contact the appropriate academic department.

What is the graduate appeal process?

Click here for information on the appeal process.

What is the process for late registration?

Students can process a late registration 2/3s into the semester or term, please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines.  The process requires students to obtain the Program Change Form. Complete the form and have the faculty member sign authorizing the late registration. Once you have obtained all signatures, bring the form to the office of Graduate Academic Services for a second sign off. Students must finalize their late registration by submitting the Program Change Form and all appropriate fees to the Registrar’s Office. There will be a late fee applied to all late registrations.

What is the difference between a drop and a withdrawal?

Dropped classes are not recorded on the official transcript. Withdrawals are recorded on the official transcript as a W. Refer to the Academic Calendars for specific deadlines for drop and withdrawals.

What is an INC (Incomplete)?

The student must initiate a request for an incomplete, and, if able, complete a formal petition available on MyLaVerne. The Request for Incomplete can be found on the Student Record Menu. By completing the contract, the student agrees to complete the work specified in the contract. The completed contract must be filed prior to the last day of the term. The faculty member will review the contract at the time of grading and can reject or amend it. It is the student’s responsibility to check his or her MyLaVerne account to view the status of the incomplete contract. Refer to the course catalog for specific deadlines for when incompletes turn into a NCR or F grade.

What is an IP (In Progress)?

IN PROGRESS grades are reserved for directed studies, independent studies, fieldwork, or graduate culminating activities where the completion date is beyond the term of registration. Students who receive IP grades are considered to be maintaining satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes. An IP grade will become an NCR or F, depending upon the grade option, if not cleared within one year following the term of registration.

When is commencement?

Most information can be found on the Commencement website. For additional information, please contact the Office of Commencement Services located in the Abraham Campus Center, First Floor, Room 133 (909) 448-4757, or email:

How do I qualify to participate in a commencement ceremony?

La Verne holds commencement ceremonies each year in Winter and in Spring. A candidate qualifies to participate in the Winter ceremony (usually in January) upon successful completion of all degree and program requirements during the preceding Summer, Fall terms, or when he or she has enrolled in all final courses during the current January Interterm. A candidate qualifies to participate in the Spring ceremony (usually in May) upon successful completion of all degree and program requirements during the preceding Winter Term, or when he or she has enrolled in all final courses during the current Spring term. Students must have been advanced in order to participate in commencement ceremonies.