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Ludwick Center Sacred Space

The Ludwick Center forSpirituality, Cultural Understanding, and Community Engagement

The Ludwick Center for Spirituality, Cultural Understanding, and Community Engagement is the new heart of the university community, an interfaith gathering place for La Verne students, faculty, and friends to reflect, meditate, and engage in dialogue. The center promotes religious and cultural tolerance and brings together many essential services under one roof for the first time. Students are welcome to take advantage of the large sacred space, three classrooms, group prayer and meditation room, yoga and quiet room, courtyard, and collaboration spaces. It is more than a resource; it is a place where everyone belongs.

A Supportive Community

The new Ludwick Center for Spirituality, Cultural Understanding, and Community Engagement

In connecting the present with the university’s commitment to diversity and lifelong learning, the Ludwick Center draws a number of student services together, including the Office of Civic and Community Engagement, the Office of International Services and Engagement, the Center for Multicultural Services, and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. The Center deepens La Verne’s commitment as good stewards of the city and region.

  • The Office of Civic and Community Engagement connects students with the La Verne community and beyond through curricular and co-curricular activities and prepares them to be socially engaged and ethical leaders.
  • The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leads and supports initiatives that promote equity and inclusion, develops and improves collaborative relationships, cultivates a community that encourages and supports a climate that affirms diverse cultures, and advocates for equitable policies, procedures and opportunities for the University of La Verne campus community.
  • The Office of International Services and Engagement empowers international students to achieve their educational goals and ensures student and institutional compliance with complex federal non- immigrant regulatory frameworks. The OISE offers in-depth orientation services, co-curricular programmatic offerings, academic, financial and non-immigrant visa counseling to insure the continued personal growth and academic success of our international students and visiting scholar population.
  • The Center for Multicultural Services promotes diversity, equity, and inclusivity as well as aims to create an environment that encourages students to participate in open dialogue with one another.
  • The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life sponsors programs that engage aspects of religion, spirituality, interfaith cooperation, ethics, and meaning, and encourages people to explore and deepen their own spirituality, develop an appreciation for religious diversity, integrate the spiritual and intellectual dimensions of life, engage in ethical reflection, and construct a vision of what they can contribute to the common good.