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Office of Civic and Community Engagement

Office of Civic and Community Engagement

The Office of Civic and Community Engagement promotes the University of La Verne’s core value of civic and community engagement by developing mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships between the university and community partners.

These relationships collectively address the region’s most pertinent issues, bring theory to practice by connecting and involving our students with community-based service learning, promote engaged scholarship for our faculty, and support co-curricular civic and community engagement activities.

Community engagement at the University of La Verne has been one of the legacies of our Church of the Brethren beginnings, and, while the university has not been directly affiliated with the Church of the Brethren for many years, the strength and relevance of those values remain.

The Office of Civic and Community Engagement is a testament to the University of La Verne’s dedication to its founding values and deep commitment to improving and enhancing local, regional, and global communities, as well as preparing our students to be socially engaged leaders in their communities.

Our model of engagement draws from Asset Based Community Development and seeks to recognize the gifts, talents, abilities, and assets of our local communities and our students, faculty, and staff. Together we work collectively toward addressing the most pertinent issues that communities identify by being partners in the process.