Community Leadership Certificate Program

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Improve your community leadership skills

The vision for community empowerment and improvement lies in the desire of all active members of a community. Our involvement and the role we take as active citizens sometimes depend on the skills and assets we bring to the table. This community leadership program provides tools for personal and skill development for leaders in our Inland Empire community. This program takes a holistic look at some of the most pertinent issues facing community leaders and incorporates interactive activities and learning, tools for self and community assessment, and space for creative problem-solving for those seeking to enhance their leadership skills.

Community Leadership Certificate Program

Through a partnership with the Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Council and the Office of Civic and Community Engagement at the University of La Verne, this certificate brings together a curriculum geared towards enhancing the skills of community leaders from the Inland Empire. Leveraging the expertise of University of La Verne Leadership Studies faculty from the La Fetra College of Education and College of Business and Public Administration, participants will be exposed to the most relevant research and assessment tools for personal and community development. The topics cover Strategic Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict and Change Management, and Leadership and Multiculturalism.

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