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Alternative Assessment

The Community Service requirement at the University of La Verne fosters the development of self-reflection, social justice, social awareness, and community responsiveness through asset based community development and reciprocal service.

The Alternative Assessment provides those students who have conducted a meaningful community service opportunity of at least 20 hours with the possibility of demonstrating the achievement and mastery of the core competencies and learning outcomes of the CS 305: Learning Through Community Service course through an alternative assessment.

Portfolio submission for the Alternative Assessment must be submitted no later than one semester prior to graduation. Verification of satisfactory completion of at least 20 hours of unpaid community service, which was completed within the last year and not within the semester of submitting the application, must be provided. With adequate supporting documentation, community service with the last two years will be accepted, but integration of the experience will have to be substantially present in the alternative assessment reflection paper. The 20 hours of community service must be completed at and documented by one non-profit organization. A submission for the Alternative Assessment assumes that students have reviewed the requirements and believe they have attained mastery of service learning outcomes that align with CS 305 and have reviewed the service learning outcomes listed on the Office of Civic and Community Engagement website.

Along with graduation date documentation from Registrar’s office, the Portfolio contents must demonstrate competency in social justice issues related to the community service, what it means to be an engaged citizen, and an understanding of reciprocity as a component of community engagement. After reviewing the community service learning outcomes, as well as the detailed requirements for the submission of an Alternative Assessment Portfolio, if you think your community service experience and understanding of service learning lends itself towards fulfilling these outcomes, you are a good candidate for completing the alternative assessment. Students are responsible for evaluating whether or not their prior community service is acceptable for the alternative assessment. The outcome of the application may not be contested.