About Us

Students working in gardenThe Office of Civic and Community Engagement at University of La Verne embodies reciprocity through transformative community-based academic and co-curricular experiences grounded in an Asset Based Community Development model.

Our university-community relationships are grounded in the four core values of the University of La Verne: Ethical Reasoning, Civic and Community Engagement, Diversity and Inclusivity, and Lifelong Learning. The curricular and co-curricular components of the Office of Civic and Community Engagement prepare students to be socially-engaged and ethical leaders, to partner with communities as co-educators, to promote community engaged scholarship amongst faculty, and to support co-curricular engagement efforts.

The office integrates academic and co-curricular community engagement activities across the university in a way that enriches the academic experiences of students, assists in retention, and provides leadership opportunities grounded in the university’s four core values. As part of this effort, the University of La Verne seeks to be a preferential partner with our local communities.

The Office of Civic and Community Engagement embraces the university’s core values:
La Verne Experience

Ethical Reasoning

The Office of Civic and Community is grounded in a value system that actively supports Asset Based Community Development, promotes community engaged scholarship by faculty, and provides real life community-based learning opportunities for students to develop as socially engaged and ethical leaders. The office invites students to think critically about the assets and issues in the community, engage in critical reflective practices, and develop a sense of social agency and responsibility for the community.

Civic and Community Engagement

The Office of Civic and Community Engagement promotes a commitment to community service, service learning, and community engaged scholarship that instill a sense of responsibility for giving of one’s talents, skills, and abilities to assist in the development of local, regional, and global community-based efforts. The office invites participatory, collaborative, mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships to be developed in order increase the impact of community and civic engagement efforts.

Diversity and Inclusivity

The Office of Civic and Community Engagement promotes inclusive spaces that encourage service, critical reflection, and transformation. The office is committed to providing opportunities for engagement that highlight the assets – talents, skills, and abilities of individuals and communities – to promote respect for and appreciation of the values of diversity and inclusivity and encourage critical reflection and dialogue. In this effort we welcome all stakeholders to contribute and build community together.

Flex JamLifelong Learning

The Office of Civic and Community Engagement encourages a lifelong commitment to community as intellectual space where students can not only learn from, but also learn with community. The office encourages students to think critically and engage creatively, develop social and civic engagement tools that prepare them to be lifelong learners and contributors to their communities, and utilize their personal, professional, and academic skills in the service of community as part of their La Verne Experience.