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Sixty Graduate in College of Law Commencement

Students participate in the College of Law Commencement ceremony.

Sixty students graduated from the College of Law at the 48th Hooding & Commencement Ceremony on May 12.

Valedictorian Melissa Vargas-Lopez ’18 led the student procession into the Sports Science & Athletics Pavilion. Maria Delgado ’18 received the Dean’s Award.

The following students were honored during the ceremony:

Alberto Argueta

Ali Azemoon

Jessica Joan Ball

Lalita Boonin

Richard Charles Brake

Bianca Bridgette Buchanan

Bianca Carvajal

Nicholas Crissman

Maria T. Delgado

Jessica Digges

Robert L. Driskell

Joshua Espinoza

Elnoz Faiazi

Taylor Nicole-Ray Fisher

Vahan Gabrielyan

John Gallegos

Yelena Ghazaryan

Veronica R. Gobran

Jeffrey Thomas Green

Adriana Guerrero

Estrellita Guzman

Brenda Suzanne Hernandez

Melani Jones

Yolanda Renee Jones

Angel Joy Jordan

Elizabeth Jordan

Enerel Koomthong

Nicholas Corona

Douglas Edwin Lusk

Steven McNicholl

Christa Michelle Miles

Erik Mills

Veronica Rivas Mittino

Juan Carlos Montenegro

Daniel Moossai

Owen Jay Murphy

Ernest E. Newlun

Michael C. Norton

Celia Alicia Ortiz

Joshua David Parker

Eric Jonathan Patyk

Brady Pierce

Sara Rabiee

Calypso Rees

Sara Elaine Reyes

Francisco Giacinti Rincon

Jasmine Umana

Judith Sandoval

Arya Shamuilian

Carrie Shumake

Chelsea Stone

Carlos B. Taitano

Alfredo Javier Tigerino

Marita D. Valdez

Melissa Vargas Lopez

Ellerie Marie Vaughn

Breana Nicole Vidauri

Lauren Michelle Vogt

Beverly Schelly Vorwaller

Melissa Paulette Wilner


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