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Computer Science Students Complete Inaugural Infoblox Diverse Certification Program


Fourteen students from the University of La Verne’s Computer Science and Computer Engineering Department are the first to have completed a new certificate program that is designed to prepare a diverse student population for successful technology careers.

The Infoblox Diverse Student Certification program was launched this year as a partnership between the University of La Verne, the technology company Infoblox, and the TELACU Education Foundation.

The cohort took one course for four weeks during January Interterm, developing hands-on product training, mentorship, and career knowledge.

“I feel very confident in my abilities now,” said Chavon Jackson ’22, a computer science major with a concentration in software engineering. “I couldn’t be happier with my results.”

Jackson, who is pursuing a career in software engineering, said that while the coursework was challenging, he felt supported from start to finish by his online instructors, classmates, and the university.

Online instructors from Infoblox, a major online information technology company, led the program with a goal of enhancing minority representation in the tech field through in-depth trainings and networking. The course was geared toward students who have traditionally been underrepresented in the STEM fields, including people of color and women.

The University of La Verne is a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution. Of the students who participated in the Infoblox certificate program, 64 percent identified as Hispanic, and 14 percent were international. Students who completed the program were eligible to receive up to two technology certifications in DDI – or the field that comprises the foundation of core computer or data networks. Students took two four-hour exams each in order to receive the two professional Infoblox certifications in DDI Professional (DDIP) and Core DDI Configuration and Administration (CDCA). This Infoblox program had previously been available only to working professionals, but now serves as an educational bridge for students pursuing a career in STEM.

Kerop Janoyan, University of La Verne provost, said the certificate program is part of a broader commitment within the Computer Science and Computer Engineering Department and the College of Arts and Sciences to ensure students are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing job market.

Other initiatives include investments in educational programs in the artificial intelligence and cybersecurity fields.

“We are honored to have had this opportunity to work with Infoblox and the TELACU Education Foundation to support the education of our students, and we hope it’s the beginning of more and similar partnerships,” Janoyan said.

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