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Professor Inducted Into Royal Academy of Economics and Financial Sciences

University of La Verne Associate Professor of Political Science Juli Minoves-Triquell has been inducted into the Spanish Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences of the Institute of Spain.

Minoves-Triquell was unanimously elected by his academic peers due to his professional experience in academic and international affairs, which includes work as director for the International Institute of the University of La Verne and for his former service as foreign minister of Andorra. His membership as the next Andorran member of the Royal Academy began on June 16. An extended version of his induction study has been published as an academic book by the Royal Academy.

“I am honored to have been invited to become a member of the academy and I hope to make connections between Spain and La Verne,” Minoves-Triquell said.

Currently on sabbatical in his home country of Andorra, he is working on a comparative study on the role of European heads of states, as well as on topics of globalization. In September, he will present a chapter in a book, alongside colleagues from other universities, addressing research on political parties in small states.

The Institute of Spain is a nationally-recognized institution which aims to promote Spanish culture and academic advancement. The institute is segmented into ten royal academies, including the Spanish Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences, under the support of the King of Spain with a common pedagogy to, “work in order to leave a better world to future generations, where cooperation between peoples and solidarity among citizens have their rightful place.”