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LaFetra College Welcomes Leader in Education

Bryon Schaefer ’09, EdD

Kern County’s distinguished educational leader Bryon Schaefer ’09, EdD has joined the LaFetra College of Education leadership team at the University of La Verne as clinical associate professor of leadership and superintendent-in-residence. He will also be director of community relations and engagement, fostering close ties between the university and the local community while serving at the university’s regional Bakersfield campus. 

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Bryon Schaefer join us at such a pivotal moment for the college,” said MD Haque, dean of the LaFetra College of Education. “With his years of leadership and guidance within Kern County and the greater region, we will be equipped to better serve our Bakersfield students and the local communities.”  

Schaefer joins the LaFetra College team with 39 years working in education in various roles, from classroom math teacher to administrator. Since 2014, he served as the Kern High School District’s 21st superintendent. The district is California’s largest grades 9-12 high school district serving more than 42,000 students.   

He is the second superintendent-in-residence for LaFetra, joining Candace Singh in further enhancing the college’s commitment to excellence. 

Schaefer’s appointment highlights a significant development for both the University of La Verne and the Bakersfield community. It promises a fruitful partnership aimed at advancing education and fostering community engagement.  

“I believe education is the great equalizer.  I am excited for the opportunities that will continue to be provided to the Kern County community from having a major academic presence established by the University of La Verne,” said Schaefer. “Anything I can do to promote the availability of academic programs will enhance the overall community.” 

His dedication to educational leadership and community outreach is admirable and will inspire future generations of educators and leaders in education at the University of La Verne and throughout the Bakersfield region.