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Summer Opportunity for Advising and RegistrationSOAR

Academic advising and course registration at the La Verne begins with SOAR: Summer Opportunity for Advising and Registration. It is a day to conduct important but necessary business with the university prior to the start of the new academic year while enjoying campus life and fun activities to help new students acclimate to life here.

Throughout their visit, students and parents learn about academic and non-academic programs and services and are introduced to the policies and  procedures that guide and shape the university. SOAR also grants the opportunity to meet and greet faculty, students, and staff and set up one-on-one appointments with Financial Aid and Student Accounts staff to discuss financing college education.

Most important, La Verne’s committed faculty advisors, staff, and students help the incoming class to develop a semester schedule of classes via academic advising!

The Resources You Need

Through your continued hard work and dedication, and our commitment to a learner-centered environment, the University of La Verne provides you with the resources and the challenge and support structures to help realize your dreams of earning a college degree.

All newly admitted students are expected to attend one of our SOAR days.  If you are an international student, you are not expected to attend SOAR; you will be tested, advised, and registered upon arrival to campus on a date to be announced by the Office of International Student Engagement.

After you attend SOAR don’t forget to make plans to participate fully in Orientation, which is scheduled for the first week of the fall semester.


1) Submit the University of La Verne Promissory Note.

2) Clear or take necessary placement tests.

3) Select a SOAR date.