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Student Opportunity for Advising and RegistrationSOAR

Your University of La Verne experience begins with Summer Opportunity for Advising and Registration (SOAR).

SOAR invites you to our beautiful campus to meet faculty, academic advisors, financial aid, and student accounts staff. Most importantly, we will help you schedule and register for your first semester of classes!

You have several opportunities throughout the summer to take part in SOAR. We encourage you to register for a SOAR session as soon as possible.

  • Freshmen:
    • Spring 2020: One-on-one appointments.
    • Fall 2020: SOAR Summer: June 19, July 7, July 16, 2020.
  • Transfers:
    • Spring 2020: One-on-one appointments.
    • Fall 2020: SOAR Summer: June 23 and July 23, 2020.

All newly-admitted students from the United States are expected to attend SOAR. Parents or guardians are welcome to attend.

International students are asked to attend SOAR if already residing in the United States. Contact us for more information if you are abroad when SOAR activities take place.

Getting Started: Before SOAR

  1. Pay your tuition deposit and sign a University of La Verne promissory note.
  2. Arrange for placement testing as needed for writing, math, and/or foreign language.
  3. (FALL ONLY) Explore FLEX Learning Communities and select your top three when you register for SOAR. (Freshmen only).
  4. Register for SOAR.
  5. Upload your picture to create your student ID. (Optional)