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On SOAR days, University of La Verne parking permit requirements will be enforced. Main campus parking is limited and will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. You and your guests should arrive early to find parking in a university parking lot. Although parking will be free during your SOAR visit, it is still important to follow parking laws such as handicap permits requirements, red emergency curbs, etc..


Please download and display the permit on your vehicle’s dashboard.  The permit is valid only on SOAR days.

Handicap Parking Spaces

Handicap parking spaces are available on a first-come, first serve basis in all parking lots, even restricted lots. The La Verne Police Department and Campus Safety Officers do patrol and issue tickets if official permit placards are not posted on your vehicle. Do not park in a handicap space without an official California-issued parking permit.

City Street Parking

Due to the limited number of parking spaces in university parking lots and large crowds attending SOAR days, you may need to park on City of La Verne public streets. The city also issues special parking permits for city residents near the East and West sides of university property. Parking is limited in these areas through a city-issued permit. These residential permits are strictly enforced by the La Verne Police Department on a continuous basis.

Please be aware of the parking signs with posted time limits of 90 minutes to three hours, including restricted street-side parking spots, by paying attention to the posted signs. Do not park in these restricted residential curb-side spaces. You will be ticketed and/or towed.

Park at Your Own Risk

We feel our campus is relatively safe but accidents do happen. If you decide to park in private streets and parking lots, you do so at your own risk. The university will not be held liable if you ignore parking laws, nor will it be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged vehicles and property.

Parking Enforcement on non-SOAR days

During the academic year, students and staff are required to have University-issued parking permits in order to park in University parking lots and University private streets. You may purchase parking permits online here.

University Overnight Parking

In order to park overnight in University parking lots or property, please contact the Campus Safety Department at (909) 448-4950. Note: No overnight parking is allowed on City of La Verne public streets without a permit issued through the La Verne Police Department.