Wireless Access at Main Campus, College of Law and Public Service and Regional Campuses

The links listed below provide detailed instructions that will guide you through the process of connecting to the University of La Verne Main Campus and Regional Campus Wireless Network.

In order to connect to the Internet you must have the following items:

* A username and password. This is the same username and password used when logging into your University of La Verne e-mail account.

If you have forgotten your password and need it reset, please contact the Unified Service Desk at (909) 448-4130.



Note: Wireless access is also available in The Oaks, Citrus Hall, or Vista La Verne residence halls, for instructions please go to Wireless Internet Access at the Residence Halls.

If you are a visitor to the University of La Verne, you can create a Wi-Fi Guest account to access the wireless network, instructions can be found here:

Instructions on How to Create a Wi-Fi Guest Account