Why do I have an “Estimated Cal Grant”?

Estimated Cal Grant Award

Eligibility for the Cal Grant is officially determined by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC).  If you apply for financial aid and the information you provided on your FAFSA indicates you meet the basic requirements to receive a Cal Grant, an “Estimated Cal Grant” will be posted to your financial aid package.

Once La Verne receives its official Cal Grant roster of eligible students from CSAC, your “Estimated Cal Grant” will be converted to a confirmed “Cal Grant A” or “Cal Grant B.” You will be notified your award has been revised.

If you are not on the roster or are otherwise not eligible for the Cal Grant, the University of La Verne will make every effort to reconsider you for additional funds.

To ensure you are on La Verne’s Cal Grant Roster, please make sure you are assigned to the University of La Verne on WebGrants4students.

PLEASE NOTE:  your award may not be confirmed until June each year, due to the timing of CSAC’s processing of eligibility rosters.