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Student Request to Adjust Financial Aid Policies due to Disability

Reasons/Scenarios that warrant this type of Appeals

  • For example: A request to receive institutional aid reserved for full-time student as a part-time student due to disability
    Documentation Required
  • Appeal Review Request Form
  • Confirmation from Disability Support Services (DSS) of student’s disability. See Office of Financial Aid Accommodation for Student Disability policy and procedures.

Disability Appeals Policy

Request for Financial Aid Adjustments Due to a Documented Disability – Student

ULV does not discriminate on the basis of disability. Students with physical, learning, and/or psychological disabilities my request accommodations to the financial aid policies on an appeal basis.

Students should complete the Financial Aid Appeals form detailing the accommodation they are requesting, for example: a request to receive institutional aid reserved for full-time student as a part-time student due to disability. If the appeal is granted, institutional aid will be prorated based on half-time or three-quarter time enrollment.

Students must register with ULV’s Disability Support Services and provide DSS with a waiver allowing DSS to share information with the Director of Financial Aid.

The Director of Financial Aid will confirm with the Director or Disability Support Services that appropriate documentation is on file. If more appropriate documentation is needed, the DSS office will request the information and forward it to the Director of Financial Aid. Once all documentation has been complied, the Director of Financial Aid and the Coordinator of DSS will meet to discuss the student’s request in light of Section 504 standards. Once a decision regarding the granting or denial of the Appeals is made, the Office of Financial Aid will inform the student in writing.

If the student wishes to Appeals the decision, he/she may submit a request, in writing, to the Vice President of Enrollment Management. Upon review of the student’s Appeals and the records provided by the Office of Financial Aid and Disability Support Services, the Vice President will make the final decision and present it, in writing to the student.

The above-described procedure neither prevents nor substitutes for a student filing a grievance with the Office for Civil Rights.

**For individuals with disabilities or special print related needs, this publication can be made available in alternate formats. For more information, please contact Disability Support Services (909) 448-4441 or (909) 448-4938.