Government Investigations

Whenever a government agent or investigator requests or demands information about a university student or employee, you should redirect that person to the Office of General Counsel or Campus Safety. If the agent refuses, immediately contact the Office of General Counsel (909-448-4730 or 909-448-4753) or Campus Safety (909-448-4950) for direction on how to proceed.  In the event you are unable to reach anyone by phone, the following guidelines should be followed:

  1. Ask if there is a subpoena or warrant to be served. If so, ask for a copy of the subpoena or warrant.
  2. If the person presents a search or arrest warrant, do not attempt to obstruct or interfere with the search or arrest.
  3. State and record any objections you have to the scope of the search or inspection.
  4. University employees have no obligation to answer any questions posed by a government agent, regardless of whether the agent has a subpoena or warrant in hand.
  5. University employees who consent to being interviewed by government agents have the right to have legal counsel present, as well as the right to end the interview at any time.
  6. Any information provided to a government agent or investigator must be accurate and truthful.
  7. Unless otherwise required by law, University employees are prohibited from sharing any information concerning a current or former student pertaining to educational records or concerning a former of current university employee without that person’s written content.

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