Accessibility Resources

The mission of Accessibility Services is to collaborate with students and campus partners in creating an equitable and inclusive educational experience for students with disabilities. If you are seeking resources and support, please visit the Student Resource page, or Faculty/Staff Support page for more information. Accessibility Services Department also has a variety of books students are able to check out. To check out a book, please email Please also consider visiting their YouTube channel for videos related to Universal Design and additional information related to Accessibility Services.

Elevator or ADA Door Issues?

Your accessibility Matters! At the University of La Verne, we’re committed to ensuring access for all members of our community. If you encounter any challenges with elevators or ADA doors that affect your accessibility on campus, please submit a work order to Facilities Services. Your feedback helps us continuously improve our environment to ensure that everyone can thrive. Thank you for helping us uphold our commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

How to submit a work order
  1. Submit a work order via the online program
    1. Select “General Services”
      1. Select “Maintenance Repair Request”


  2. Contact the Help Desk at or (909) 448-4130

Simply inform Facilities what is out-of-order and its location on campus. Providing a detailed request is helpful in ensuring the issue is addressed

*Note: Most university buildings unlock between 7:00 am – 8:00 am. Before submitting a work order request, please confirm the lack of access to the building is not a result of it being locked during non-operating hours.