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Global Ideas Honors Program

The Global Ideas Honors Program offers a challenging intellectual experience that complements any major at the university. Open to students with proven academic success in high school, the Honors curriculum is taught by passionate and knowledgeable faculty and is designed to give students the opportunity to complete most general education requirements in an accelerated fashion.


Honors Program classes reinforce the essential skills acquired during a college education: write effectively, communicate clearly, and think critically. It also provides a number of wonderful side benefits at no additional cost to students.

Seminar-style classes

Small, intimate classes allow students and faculty to focus on fostering critical thinking skills.

Peer Mentoring

Incoming students are paired with a current Honors Program student prior to coming to La Verne. Mentors provide person and individualized support and assist throughout the year in acclimating to college life.

Early Registration

Honors students have the highest registration priority, allowing them their pick of classes throughout their college careers.

And that’s not all. For a complete list of advantages available to students enrolled in the Honors program, click here.

Why go Honors?

To dream big.

The Honors Program consists of students passionate about life and about learning. We cultivate a community of scholars who dream about changing the world.

To learn.

The Honors Program offers interdisciplinary courses, study abroad opportunities, and individualized attention as you complete your General Education alongside a major of your choice. We seek students who want a challenging academic experience, one filled with exciting and stimulating unknowns.

To explore the foundations of our modern world.

The Freshman Sequence guides you through primary texts both historical and modern that present the best and most challenging ideas on the human condition. We want students who thrive in an intellectual atmosphere that examines our shared values.

To fit the wide-ranging pieces of that world together.

The Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars juxtapose different academic disciplines in creative and unusual ways. These student-based seminars avoid long lectures and don’t ask students for rote memorization. We seek students who are self-motivated and curious.

Most of all: to enter into community with motivated, excited, and ambitious students.

Honors Program participants are immersed in a stimulating community that results from intensive class discussions, shared co-curricular activities, and relaxed social events. We look for students who appreciate learning with others from diverse backgrounds and who respect different opinions and perspectives.

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