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Frequently Asked Questions: Faculty and Advisors

For additional questions about honors advising and requirements, please contact Allyson Brantley, Honors Program director, or Ryan Lee, the Honors Program assistant director.


At present, the best way to know if a student is confirmed in the Honors Program is to check with Honors Program staff. The MyDegreeTracker (MDT) program does not, unfortunately, display a student’s status in the Honors Program. The best indicator is whether or not either Allyson Brantley or Ryan Lee is listed as secondary advisors on the student’s MDT. If you are still unsure, please reach out and we can confirm for you.


The MDT also does not display Honors Program requirements on a student’s home page. Instead, you will want to use the “What If” function for the Honors Certificate; here, you can easily track a student’s progress through honors. Please also look for notes from either honors advisor about substitutions, waived requirements, or other advising comments.