Requirements and Curriculum

The La Verne Global Ideas Honors Program is designed to foster students to become thoughtful, responsible, and engaged citizens. With a focus on the importance of thinking globally and acting locally, the Honors Program provides a challenging and interdisciplinary curriculum that places a heavy emphasis on creating a curricular experience that is inclusive of a diverse set of ideas from around the world.

For traditional undergraduates, the Honors Program curriculum consists of 30 semester hours (18 units of core requirements and 12 units of electives). Transfer students may have their honors semester hours reduced to 14 units, pending an advising meeting with the honors director.

Traditional Undergraduates

Core Requirements

18 semester hours

HONR 111Solving the Modern World4
HONR 205Global Ideas I: Multiethnic American Literature and Philosophy4
HONR 215Global Ideas II: Post-Colonial/Modern Identity, Representation, and Space4
HONR 370Honors Colloquium I2
HONR 380Honors Colloquium II2
HONR 499The World is Our Neighborhood2
Total Semester Hours18


12 semester hours (Select three courses from a minimum of two categories. Transfer students who entered ULV with credit for Written Communication A and Written Communication B must select four courses from a minimum of two categories)

Area A

HONR 301Literature Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 302Philosophy and Religion Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 303Mass Media Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 304History Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 305History of Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 306Inter-Area Humanities Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 351Creative and Artistic Expression Interdisciplinary Seminar4

Area B

HONR 112Oral Communication Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 311Behavioral Science Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 312Political Science Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 313Economics Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 314Inter-Area Social and Behavioral Science Interdisciplinary Seminar4

Area C

HONR 321Life Science Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 322Physical Science Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 341Quantitative Reasoning Interdisciplinary Seminar4
HONR 361Lifelong Fitness Interdisciplinary Seminar4

Suggested Sequencing

Year One

  • GE 1 (HONR 111)
  • GE 2 (HONR 112/HONR Elective #1)
  • GE 3 (HONR 205 or 215)
  • GE 4-6
  • Major Courses 1 and 2

Year Two

  • LVE 1 (HONR 370)
  • GE 7 (HONR 205 or 215)
  • GE 8 (HONR Elective #2)
  • GE 9-11
  • Major Courses 3-5

Year Three

  • LVE 2 (HONR 380)
  • GE 12 (HONR Elective #3)
  • Major Courses 6-11

Year Four

  • LVE 3 (HONR 499)
  • Major Courses 12-16+

Questions? Contact Allyson Brantley or schedule a meeting with your peer mentors.

Transfer Students

Core Requirements

6 semester hours

HONR 205 or Global Ideas 1: Multiethnic Literature and Philosophy 4
HONR 215 Global Ideas 2: Post-Colonial/Post-Modern Identity 4
HONR 499 Senior Project: The World is Our Neighborhood 2


8 semester hours: select 2-4 of any of the following:

HONR 370 Honors Colloquium 1 2
HONR 380 Honors Colloquium 2 2
HONR 301 Literature Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 302 Philosophy and Religion Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 303 Mass Media Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 304 History Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 305 History of Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 306 Humanities Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 351 Creative and Artistic Expression Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 112 Oral Communication Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 311 Behavioral Science Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 312 Political Science Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 313 Economics Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 314 Social & Behavioral Science Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 321 Life Science Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 322 Physical Science Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 341 Quantitative Reasoning Interdisciplinary Seminar 4
HONR 361 Lifelong Fitness Interdisciplinary Seminar 4

Suggested Sequencing

Year One

  • Major Courses 1-6
  • LVE 1 (HONR 370)
  • LVE 2 (HONR 380)
  • GE or Elective #1 (HONR 205 or 215)

Year Two

  • Major Courses 7-12+
  • LVE 3 (HONR 499)
  • LVE 2 (HONR 380)
  • GE or Elective #2

Please note: major and GE course requirements will vary by students, depending on your transfer courses and major requirements.

Questions? Contact Allyson Brantley or schedule a meeting with your peer mentors.

Honors and Baccalaureate Program Goals and Outcomes

Regardless of the path you take to complete your Honors Program experience, you will be working towards a number of University of La Verne Baccalaureate Goals as well as specific Honors Program goals and learning outcomes.

In light of the mission of the Honors Program and the University of La Verne’s baccalaureate goals, the program-specific goals for the Honors Program are as follows:

  • Honors Goal 1: Provide a rigorous curriculum by combining both interdisciplinary and traditional disciplinary courses (Baccalaureate Goals: 1);
  • Honors Goal 2: Foster critical thinking and analysis of today’s most challenges issues by promoting a diversity of perspectives from around the world (Baccalaureate Goals: 2, 4);
  • Honors Goal 3: Create an active intellectual environment through seminar-style classrooms that stress experiential and/or community-based learning as well as opportunities for external engagement (Baccalaureate Goals: 4, 5).

Given the goals of the Honors Program, the learning outcomes or skills expected of all honors graduates are as follows:

  • Honors Learning Outcome 1: Integrated or systems thinking (Honors Goal: 1)
  • Honors Learning Outcome 2: Critical thinking and analysis (Honors Goal: 2)
  • Honors Learning Outcome 3: Cultural competency (Honors Goal: 2)
  • Honors Learning Outcome 4: Civic and community awareness (Honors Goal: 3)

Additional Materials