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Honors Advantages

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.
The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.

Along with a dynamic curriculum that helps prepare students for graduate school, professional leadership, and civic responsibility, the Global Ideas Honors Program confers other benefits and perks.

Early Registration

Honors students have the highest registration priority, allowing them their pick of classes throughout their entire college careers.

Freshmen Travel Funds

Honors Students who choose to participate in a travel course will have up to $500 covered by the Honors Program, helping to make it far more affordable and accessible. Past travel courses include trips to the following: Ecuador and the Galapagos, Montana and Yellowstone, Spain, and South Africa.

Peer Mentoring

Prior to their first fall semester at La Verne, incoming students are paired with a current Honors student who serves all year long as a helpful resource for any and all Honors- and school-related questions. Peer Mentors pledge to be as responsive and helpful as possible and can assist with questions about parking, dining, housing, textbooks, course selection, locations on campus, instructor choice, and more. Peer Mentoring is an extremely helpful program to new students trying to get their bearings in a new environment.

Honors Housing

Incoming Honors freshmen have the option, pending availability, of rooming in Honors wings on campus. There is also the opportunity to be an Honors Resident Assistant. Housing applications must be turned in by May 1.

Honors Center

Centrally located on the top floor of the Wilson Library and equipped with a computer lab/seminar room and a nicely appointed lounge, the Honors Center is a place for Honors students to study, do research, or hang out with their peers. The Honors director is also housed in the Honors Center, as is a knowledgeable and helpful team of student assistants. The Honors Center is your place—designed to be a relaxing haven.

National and Regional Honors Conferences

As students in a member institution of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC), La Verne Honors students may, in certain years, be eligible to present research at conferences to Honors students from across the United States. (In 2016, a team of four Honors students – Alyssa Carroll, Katherine Bay, Brittney Britt, and Miranda Ramirez – presented research from an Honors course at the WHRC conference in Riverside, CA.)

Eligibility for Honors Study Abroad or Away Programs

La Verne honors students can also study at campuses in the U.S. or abroad, including New York City and Oxford University. Information can be acquired in the Honors Center which also houses the Study Abroad Program.

Ave atque Vale

Following the Latin for “Hail and Farewell,” the Honors Program starts off each new academic year with a bonding experience for new incoming students. Each year the program concludes with a Commencement Reception for students, family, and friends.