Move-Out Information




  1. Each student must check out of their assigned room by the stated deadline by completing the Express Check-Out Process:
      Stop by the Oaks Housing Office Front Desk between the hours of 8am – 8pm, Mon. May 20th – Fri. May 24th to do an EXPRESS CHECK-OUT. Express checkouts are meant to be quick and convenient. They allow residents to check-out on the spot and have a “room inspection” completed afterwards.
  2. Policy violations – Any Policy violations during finals week may result in a 24-hour housing removal, an improper checkout charge of $100, referral to the campus judicial office, and/or cancellation of following year housing contract (if appropriate).
  3. Mail Services:
    1. Check your mailbox before returning your mailbox key.
    2. It is critical that upon check out you fill out a yellow mail forwarding card. Even if you are planning to live on campus next year a card must be filled out. Remember that your mail will not be delivered over the summer and if you are living on campus you likely will have a different mail box. In addition, you are encouraged to change your address with all your providers, contacts, friends, and anyone else who has your current address. The last day for mail delivery is Friday, May 24, 2024.
  4. Improper Checkout – A $100.00 fine will be imposed to anyone who does not checkout appropriately. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Not checking-out by Friday, May 24, 2024, by 8 pm.
    2. Violating policy during Finals Week
    3. Room not being ready at time of checkout appointment and/or room inspection. A proper check out includes, but is not limited to:
      • The room/suite has been cleaned thoroughly.
      • All belongings are packed and out of the room/suite.
      • Trash has been thrown in to trash cans/trash chutes/trash rooms
      • Donations have been placed in designated location bin areas around or within building.
      • All keys have been returned.
      • Windows and doors are locked.
      • All university owned furniture is in its original place and in “set up” condition.
      • All paperwork is completed and signed.
    4. At the time of checkout, you must be completely moved out of the building and your areas of responsibility must be cleaned.
  5. Cleaning of Common Area in Suites and/or Rooms
    All roommates must divide cleaning responsibilities and ensure your living space is properly cleaned by move out. If there is damage to the room/suite that you are not responsible for, you must notify your RA of the damage as well as who is responsible for the damage, before your checkout time. If there is question as to who is responsible for the damages, the charges will be divided equally between all roommates/suite mates. If a roommate or suitemate has left belongings behind, please assist us by placing them in a large trash bag and tagging them with the respective roommate’s name.

    We DO NOT provide cleaning supplies or vacuums/brooms.

  6. Damage or Cleaning Charges
    Charges will be assessed by the Office of Housing and Residential Life to all students who fail to clean, or who have damaged their room/suite, or its contents beyond normal wear and tear. Items left behind will be thrown away at an additional charge.
  7. Storage
    Students are responsible for making arrangements for the storage of their belongings. We do not provide a storage facility. Any items left behind will be thrown away or donated.


Please see your RA if you have questions regarding check out and/or watch for posted information.


WHAT IF I NEED TO STAY PAST MAY 24? (Applies to all Non-Summer Residents)

Residents needing to stay past the end of their contract date must petition AND BE APPROVED for an extension. Please note that extensions are subject to availability as the staff is aggressively planning for summer and conference housing. To request an authorized extension, please fill out the Late Check-out Request Form.

This form must be submitted by 5pm, May 10, 2024. Residents requesting an extension must have their account paid in full and be in good judicial standing. Depending on the reason for the extension, a $50 charge per day may be imposed on approved extensions.

Please note:

  • Not all extension requests are granted.
  • Individuals graduating or assisting with Graduation must also submit this form.
  • No extensions will be granted past May 26, 2024, if approved.



Residents wanting to live in housing for the summer can apply through the La Verne portal beginning May 1, 2024 at 8:00am Summer Housing space is limited. For more information on applying to live in housing for the summer, please go to Housing & Residential Life Website. Residents with approved Summer Housing contracts will be able to remain in current room until summer transition day on Friday May 31, 2024. All other general “move out” protocols apply.