The Oaks

The Oaks is ideal for students interested in making friends and developing a strong sense of community! This set of halls boasts small and quaint community environments where working together and getting to know each other is the norm.

The Oaks is home to a combination of new, continuing , transfer,  and Law and PA grad students. Each student type would be located in specific buildings of Oaks.

About The Oaks

The Oaks HallsThe Oaks is comprised of six “houses” and is home to approximately 250 students. Each community has:

  • a central lounge
  • a community flat screen TV
  • a kitchenette with a community refrigerator and microwave
  • Wireless internet
  • cable TV in the lounge area
  • a laundry room
  • Central air conditioning

The Oaks has double and triple options, with limited super single options available.