Experience and Living Learning Communities

The Housing & Residential Life (HRL) Office at the University of La Verne offers a variety of unique and special communities that aim to provide supportive environments where individuals from the identified communities can feel more at home. Currently SHARE offers two categories of special communities– “Living Learning” communities and “Experience” communities.

“Experience” communities are communities made of a group of individuals who have a particular experience in common (i.e. women, first year students, graduate students, non-traditional students). The programming and activities in these communities are mindful of the specific designation and aim to be relevant to the particular group. Students also benefit from being in an environment primarily composed of individuals who share this commonality.

“Living Learning” communities are communities that in addition to having a group of people with a shared experience and identity also have a built in academic component. More specifically, students of the shared experience not only live together but take classes together. These communities are important as they link the academic experience with the co-curricular experience and thus allow students to maximize their collegiate experience.

Specific communities currently offered at the University of La Verne include:

First Year Experience Communities

The focus of the First Year Experience Communities is to provide a community-oriented environment where first year students can learn about the university, get involved, make friends and succeed academically! The residence life staff collaborates with residents to develop individual relationships and programs that ultimately help students get to know each other and get the most out of their college experience.

Only new first-time freshmen will be eligible to live in these halls. Students who meet the criteria and are interested in this community will be able to select these halls when choosing rooms via the Electronic Housing Application.

“The First Year Experience Hall is the place where students begin to form their La Verne family. It is where they get matriculated into the La Verne way of life” – Eugene Shang, Housing and Residential Life staff member


Black Scholars Living Community

Purpose:   Students will develop a sense of belonging through this living learning community, and a better understanding of the Black educational journey at La Verne.

Description:   One pod of 33 new  students on the floor (Citrus)


  • Tutoring – Students that participate must attend 2 hours of study sessions in the Academic Success Center per week
  • Mentorship – Students must check in with their Faculty/Staff/Alumni mentors once weekly, once face to face each month
  • Campus Involvement – Students must be involved on campus – campus employment, student club/organization, student government
  • Campus Activities – Students must attend one on-campus activity per month
  • Workshops – Career Counseling workshops, Degree track/academic advising workshops, wellness, financial literacy

Transfer Experience Community

The Housing and Residential Life department is committed to providing transfer students with an opportunity to live and learn in an environment that fosters a feeling of support and inclusion as they transition into the University of La Verne community.

  • Create a space where students will be able to interact and establish connections with fellow transfer students
  • Provide opportunities for students to explore and engage with the University of La Verne community and the larger La Verne community
  • Participate in activities  focused on the various campus and academic resources that are available to support transfer students
Possible Activities Include:
  • Transfer-focused academic advising programs
  • Introduce on-campus programs/activities that benefit students (i.e. student life, study abroad, etc.)

Honors Living-Learning Community

Housing and Residential Life is committed to providing students in the Honors Program with a community that complements and enhances the Honors Program experience. The Honors Living Community is designed to have Honors students actively engage with each other beyond the Honors Classroom.

  • Provide an environment where Honors students are able to interact and build a dynamic community.
  • Provide a venue for increased student/faculty interaction.
Possible Activities Include:
  • Create opportunities for students to implement programs and activities to promote dialogue and develop community.
  • Socials to engage and interact with faculty in a community environment.

For more information on the Honors program at the University of La Verne, click here.

Gender Separate and Co-Ed Communities

Our Residence Halls offer a variety of options for all women, all men, or co-ed floors/pods. In Vista La Verne, each suite is made up of the same gender, however, the floors are co-ed. There is an option to live in a gender neutral living area as well and we create these suites on a as needed basis. In the Oaks, most floors are same gender rooms, co-ed floors. In Citrus Hall, we offer co-ed pods for first year and continuing students, and all women’s’ pods or all men’s pods for first year students. Citrus Hall does have gender neutral restroom options.


Gender Neutral Housing

Gender neutral is defined as a housing option where students may share a room, in mutual agreement, regardless of the students’ biological sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.  Gender neutral housing is intended to provide a more inclusive housing environment for students who may identify as transgender, gender non-conforming (individuals whose gender expression is different from societal expectations related to gender) and of varied sexual orientations.

Consequently, gender neutral housing is NOT co-ed housing.  Gender neutral housing supports the University’s Mission of diversity and inclusivity with respect to sexual orientation, sex, gender and gender identity.

Grad Student Experience & Non-Traditional Student Experience Communities

The Grad Student Experience and Non-Traditional Student Experience (25 years of age or older undergraduate students) will be communities within Vista La Verne Residence Hall or Oaks Residence Hall at the University of La Verne .

Graduate students and non-traditional students interested in these communities will be able to select these room type preferences when choosing rooms via the Electronic Housing Application.