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Get Started

Know your education benefit eligibility.

If you have never used your education benefit and/or are not sure if you are eligible, please check with the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA).  There are three ways you can do this:  Using your VA eBenefits account, via Ask A Question on the GI Bill® Help Portal at,  or by phone: (888) 442-4551.

Apply for FAFSA.

It is important for all students to apply for federal student aid via FASFA online to determine eligibility for financial aid or student friendly loans. You are able to decline loans you are deemed eligible for, but all financial aid (including Covid 19 student stimulus funds) is awarded/distributed to those who complete the  free application for FASFA. School code is 001216.

Submit all requested documents and transcripts.

Scan and email a copy of  your your VA Certificate of Eligibility (CoE), and as applicable, your DD214 (or valid VA ID/Drivers License showing Veteran) or Active Duty Military ID.  Submit all to our Certifying Official at  NOTE: If you have not received a CoE from the VA, you should be able to see an eligibility page on your eBenefits account. You can print screen and submit a copy of that page until you receive/submit a copy of your official CoE through the mail.

Transcripts must be submitted online as quickly as possible. ULV school code: 001216. The university follows ACE guidelines/recommendation for military credit.  For undergraduate degrees only, submit your Joint Services Transcript (JST) to ULV online via the American Council on EducationAir Force submit Air Force College transcripts online to ULV. 

Create or insure access to your VA eBenefits account.

The VA is going fully online and will soon be communicating via email only. If you do not already have one, create an VA eBenefits account to check on the status of benefits, payments and to request future VA services or information.  You can apply for or update your education benefit via eBenefits or the site listed below.  Important: Update your email when it changes.

Apply for or update your education benefit.

All benefit eligible new ULV veteran students, whether a first time VA benefit user or transferring benefit use to a new program, should apply for, or update his/her education benefits. The online form will complete necessary documents to include the mandatory VA Form 22-1995 Change of Program/Place.

Check in with the Abraham Center for Veteran Students Success (ACVSS).

From admission through graduation, we are here to assist you!  Start and stay on track when you check in with the ACVSS.  Due to our remote status, we are asking that you insure contact by emailing  Be sure to let us know the following info:  Name, if a student your ID#, program/site, if you are active duty/veteran/dependent, your VA benefit and generally what type of assistance you are seeking.

Education plans/Costs Analysis

All required transcripts must be received to create an official Ed Plan. In some cases, if you have unofficial transcripts you can request a meeting early with an academic advisor, but it will be an unofficial Ed Plan. A cost sheet cannot be created until the Ed Plan is complete, and if applicable, FASFA information received. If you need assistance please email ACVSS at

Chapter 31 Veteran Readiness & Employment (VR&E) Academic Worksheet, Education Plan and Cost Analysis (for approval to attend ULV)

Once accepted into the VR&E program (formerly Voc Rehab),  you should discuss your options with your VR& E Counselor.  Request a full Education Plan and estimated Cost Analysis from the related ULV program academic advisor and fill out this Academic Worksheet (signed by your ULV academic advisor). Submit all to your VR&E counselor. If approved, your counselor will issue a Tungsten Authorization/PO Number, separately, to both your University’s Certifying Official and the University (Follett) Bookstore.  NOTE:  An unofficial transcript must be submitted to your VRE counselor at the end of each semester.

Frequently Asked Questions


Congratulations! You will receive an acceptance letter with important information, instructions and Student ID Number to get you started. Follow the instructions, access MyLaVerne and start checking your ULV email account for announcements and important events. Keep your Student ID Number and new password in a place you can access. Also, keep the letter with attachments as you may need to refer to them throughout your time at La Verne.

I just registered for classes! All students using VA education benefits should, on registering for or adding/dropping classes, submit the ULV online Request for V.A. Benefits Certification Form. The University Certifying Official will not certify your classes with the VA without receiving the form. Late submission may delay your tuition/housing payments. All forms are located on the ACVSS webpage.


First-time recipients should receive their benefits in approximately six to eight weeks. Continuing students should receive their benefits in approximately three to four weeks. If your program qualifies, BHA should start at the end of the first month of attending certified classes (prorated for dates attended) and the book/supply stipend ($1000/year) should arrive prorated with each semester/term, often with first BHA of the same semester/term. BHA rate tables (link) are updated on August 1 of each year. The housing allowance is paid at a percentage based on your training time. Attending classes at ½ time or less does not qualify for housing. For more info on training percentages access this link: Rate of pursuit and BHA.

In some programs La Verne offers in residence, hybrid and online classes. You must attend at least one in residence or hybrid class to qualify for housing each term or semester. Current VA policies allow for all ULV hybrid classes to be certified the same as an in-residence class. All online classes and directed study are considered distance learning, which prorates housing, unless you add one hybrid or in residence class.

COVID 19 and classes converted to ONLINE. All in residence and hybrid classes have been converted to online for the Summer session and, although we hope not, possibly Fall. The same rules above apply, except that classes converted to Online due to Covid 19 will count as in residence and hybrid. To fully utilize your benefit, we recommend you check with your advisor to make sure you are in at least one converted class and attending full-time.


You may be eligible for more than one VA education benefit program. However, you may only receive payments from one program at a time.


Schools are required to report, without delay, the enrollment, interruption, and termination of attendance for each person enrolled in an educational assistance program administered by VA.

In addition to reporting any changes in enrollment status, schools will be held responsible for refunding payments as appropriate. The following list explains when a school will be responsible for refunding VA:

  1. The student never attended classes for which he/she was certified (regardless of the reason for non-attendance).
  2. The student completely withdraws on or before the first day of the term. (If a student reduces classes, the debt shall be assessed to the student.)
  3. The school received a payment for the wrong student.
  4. The school received a duplicate payment.
  5. The school submitted an amended enrollment certification and reported reduced tuition and fee charges, reduced Yellow Ribbon amount, or both.
  6. The student died during the term, or before the start of the term.
  7. VA issued payment above the amount certified on the enrollment certification that was used to process the payment (VA data entry error).

*All other over payments will remain the responsibility of the student.


As a veteran using your education benefits, you are responsible to notify the University Certifying Official at immediately of any action affecting your enrollment status – drop, add, or a change of certificate program goal. Failure to do so may result in termination of benefits.

You are responsible for maintaining satisfactory progress toward the stated certificate program objective. Satisfactory progress is defined as a grade point average of “C” for credit programs and/or an “average” for noncredit programs. Failure to maintain the required grade point average could result in the suspension of veteran education benefits.