On-line submissions:  Be sure to note and keep your email confirmation of submission for your records.

ULV’s Online Request for V.A. Benefits Certification (of your classes)

For all VA benefit users! Submit your Request for VA Benefits Certification immediately following every time you register for, or add or drop classes.  Delayed submission will cause delayed payments of tuition, supplies stipend and BHA.

Online Military Tuition Assistance Authorization Voucher Submission

Submit your Request for Active Duty T.A. Authorization and Voucher for each semester/term you plan to use T.A.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Yellow Ribbon can only be used while you are using Post 9/11, Chapter 33 and if you are rated at 100%.  It pays for the full cost of tuition and fees above the VA’s yearly tuition cap.  If you meet the requirements, print, fill out, scan and submit the Application for Yellow Ribbon once each year to La Verne’s Certifying Official.

VA’s online form to apply for or update your VA Education Benefit, Change of Program/Place Form VBA-22-1995 and to Request an Updated VA Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)

If you are a new benefit user, took a leave of absence, or if you are changing programs or schools, completing this form allows you to complete items listed above.  Link:  VA.Gov’s “Apply For or Update Your Benefits   Note: The VA will not make payment without this form if you changed colleges or programs.

Chapter 31 Veteran Readiness & Employment (VR&E) Academic Worksheet, Education Plan and Cost Analysis (for approval to attend ULV)

Once accepted into the VR&E program (formerly Voc Rehab),  you should discuss your options with your VR& E Counselor.  Request a full Education Plan and estimated Cost Sheet from the related ULV program academic advisor and fill out this Academic Worksheet (signed by your ULV academic advisor). Submit all to your VR&E counselor. If approved, your counselor will issue a Tungsten Authorization/PO Number, separately, to both your University’s Certifying Official and the University (Follett) Bookstore.  NOTE:  An unofficial transcript must be submitted to your VRE counselor at the end of each semester.

Chapter 31 VR&E Text Books/Supplies

Chapter 31 VRE books and supplies are ordered through the University of La Verne Campus Store.   Please make sure your counselor has created and forwarded a Follett Bookstore Authorization/PO number.

All VRE students should email to request textbooks for the current term.  This must be submitted each session or semester. Please provide the following information IN FULL to

  1. Your full name as seen on the 1905 form
  2. Last 4 digits of your SSN
  3. Student ID number
  4. Current Phone Number and mailing address
  5. Textbooks and supplies are ordered differently, and you will receive separate communication on how to order supplies online.

This is the  Follett Tungsten Account information to send to your VRE Counselor if the Bookstore response indicates the PO has not been received:    Email the PO to:      Facility Code: 31801005     Tax ID: 36-2593135

Additionally, Chapter 31 students can request approval for reimbursement of one-time purchases of additional necessary equipment (laptop/printer), or software/mathematical calculator (software/classroom equipment -not laptop/printer- must be designated as required on the class syllabus to be authorized), should print and fill out a VA form 28-1905M, take it to the University Certifying Official for signature and then submit the form with the receipt (scan and email all items) to his/her VA counselor.  Form link:

Chapter 31 VR&E PELL Advance Fund Request Policy, and Form with Instructions

Veterans receiving Vocational Rehabilitation benefits (Chapter 31) may be eligible to apply for an advance on the credit expected to remain after tuition and fees are paid from a Pell Grant, up to $2,500.  Additional information and instructions are located at this link: