Tuition Assistance and Top-Up

Each military branch has its own Tuition Assistance (TA) form and procedures. Please contact your local education center before accessing the links below. Follow each military branch’s procedure for insuring that your authorization voucher reaches the school location you are attending.

TA Tips

Instructions for the TA process are available on each of the websites listed above. Check early for TA submission deadlines.

When prompted ensure you have entered:

  • Course Number (BIOL101)
  • Course Title (Principles of Biology)
  • Level/Type (undergraduate/graduate)
  • Location (on base, off base, distance learning)
  • Hour type/Number of Hours (semester hours or quarter hours)
  • Cost per unit hour
  • Fees

When your military branch College or Virtual Education Center (VEC) authorizes your TA, you will receive an e-mail providing a link to print your authorization voucher. Submit your Approved Tuition Assistance Authorization Voucher here.


If you are eligible for the GI Bill®, you may be eligible to be reimbursed for the remainder of your course costs (the amount on your military TA form which is not paid under the Government Share). Note: You must have some monies remaining in your TA “pot” in order to utilize Top-Up. Using the Top-Up benefit will reduce your GI Bill® entitlement, dollar for dollar. It does not deduct a full month’s benefit until you have used the dollar amount of a month’s benefit.

Applying for Top-Up is a two-step process:

  1. Submit an application for G.I. Bill Top-Up Benefits with the V.A. When applying for the G.I. Bill Top Up benefits, you may select either Chapter 30 or Chapter 33. Signing up for Top-Up does not mean you are activating your Montgomery or Post 9/11 GI Bill® Benefits.
    • If you choose Chapter 30, you may be required to pay the student share on your TA up front and the VA will reimburse you. Contact Student Accounts to make payment arrangements.
    • If you choose Chapter 33 for your benefit the VA will pay the school directly for your student share.

Once your application is complete, submit your application electronically and print a copy of the application. Have the last page of the application certified by a Military Education Counselor (i.e. Navy College) and fax the signature page of your application to the V.A. at 918-781-7863.

  1. Submit your electronic Tuition Assistance Application to school and V.A. Complete and submit your electronic TA form. Verify all your course information is correct as noted above in Tips. Once approved by your command and VEC you will receive an e-mail link to print your authorization form.

Make a copy of your TA form and submit one copy of your approved TA to the campus office after you have registered. Fax the other copy to the VA at (918) 781-7863 and keep it for your records. You will need to clearly write the Chapter and “TOP-UP” written in the top margin of the TA form.

Thereafter, you will only be required to submit your signed TA Authorization Voucher to your school and fax a copy to the VA (with “Top-Up” printed in the top margin).