Active-Duty Tuition & Military Connected Policies

Military Tuition Rate (Active Duty/Reserve/National Guard)

The university is pleased to offer a military rate in line with Tuition Assistance to active-duty members, National Guard and Reserves, to their spouses/registered domestic partners, and
qualified dependents. Restrictions apply. View the University’s ” Military Tuition Rate Policy ” page for complete details.

Transfer Credit

A total of 21 semester hours of credit can be applied to the associate degree and 44 semester hours can be applied to the bachelor’s degree. Courses taken through the military may be transferred under the guidelines established by the American Council on Education (ACE) Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services and according to La Verne policy.

Military Student Priority Registration

Students who submit a valid military ID or receive VA benefits from the University of La Verne are eligible for priority registration. Registration time ticketing for undergraduate students who
attend the main campus is based on semester hours completed. Upon receipt of required documentation, the Office of the Registrar will adjust the students assigned registration time applying the following rules:

  • Students assigned to enroll at any time on day 4/Freshman, are re-assigned to the 3PM time block on day 3.
  • Students assigned to enroll at any time on day 3/Sophomores, are re-assigned to the 3PM time block on day 2.
  • Students assigned to enroll at any time on day 2/Juniors, are re-assigned to the 3PM time block on day 1.
  • Students assigned to day 1/Seniors, will remain in the assigned time block on day 1

Drop & Withdrawals

Dropping a class is the process through which students officially notify the Registrar or Regional Campus of their intention to not attend a class or classes. Classes that are officially dropped are not posted on the student’s official transcript.

The time period to drop a class is indicated below:

  • To drop a class from a session or semester that is 8 weeks or greater, astudent can initiate the Drop beginning the first day of open enrollment through the first six work days (Monday through Friday) of the semester or session, excluding university holidays.
  • To drop a class for January Interterm or a session of less than 8 weeks, a student can initiate a Drop beginning the first day of open enrollment through the 4th workday of the session.

Withdrawal is the process through which a student officially notifies the Registrar or Regional Campus of their intent to not attend a class or classes after the drop period is over. Withdrawals
are recorded on the student’s official transcript as a W.

The withdrawal period for sessions and semesters is indicated below:

  • The withdrawal period for a semester or session class that is 8 weeks in length or greater begins the 7th workday (Monday through Friday) of the semester, excluding
    university holidays and continues through 60% of the semester.
  • The withdrawal period for January Interterm or a session of less than 8 weeks begins the 5th workday of the semester or session and continues through 60% of the given semester or session.

Complete Drop and Withdrawal procedures can be found at: , including applicable deadlines.

Leaves of Absence

If you are a traditional undergraduate student or graduate student attending the Main Campus and find it necessary to interrupt your studies at the University of La Verne due to deployment, contact the Office of the Registrar to apply for a leave of absence prior to leaving the University. The leave of absence form requires signatures from the Office of Student Accounts, an officer from Financial Aid, and the Office of Academic Advising.

With a leave of absence, an undergraduate student may be absent from La Verne for up to two semesters and a graduate student may be absent from La Verne for up to four semesters without reapplying for admission. Among the acceptable reasons for granting a leave of absence are military duties and financial or medical problems. Students are required to keep the University informed about plans for return; otherwise, they will be considered withdrawn.

If your deployment keeps you away from your studies for longer than the periods noted above, you may either apply for readmission (pg. 16 of the catalog) upon your return, or you may submit an academic appeal to continue your degree program under the original catalog requirements to which you were admitted. This option is only available to those students who applied for graduation prior to taking a leave of absence. For students submitting academic appeals as a result of military deployment, the appeals fee is typically waived.

If you attend La Verne through one of the Regional Campuses or the Online program, you have seven years from the term of your admission to complete your degree as an undergraduate student, or five years as a graduate student. You do not need to submit a formal leave of absence if you need to interrupt your studies due to deployment or other military duties. You do, however, need to follow the Drop and Withdrawal procedures (pg. 41-42 of the catalog).

Military Connected Appeal to Policy Exceptions

Active-Duty students who miss the drop or withdraw deadlines, who must take an extended period of absence from school due to a Deployment, PCS, TDY or unavoidable duty assignment
imposed by military obligation, may Appeal for retroactive application and or reinstatement. In agreement with the DoD and Veterans Administration, certain Appeals can be made with
exception, regardless of the published timeline. Military Connected students should connect with their academic advisor before initiating an Appeal for Extension of Time, Late drop or
withdraw. Full policy details can be viewed under ‘ Academic Policy Exceptions ‘ in the University catalog.

Military Refund Policy

A full refund of tuition and mandatory fees will be authorized for students who are:

  • Military reservists who receive orders to active duty after having enrolled and paid for tuition and fees.
  • Active duty military personnel who receive a reassignment after having enrolled and paid for tuition and fees.

It is the student’s responsibility to officially notify the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Student Accounts, if he or she receives orders for deployment or reassignment. Students enrolled in courses at the time they are called for military service will need to provide a copy of the official document(s) stating the orders of military service and dates. If the student is deployed during the add/drop period, the student will need to drop their classes through MyLaVerne. If the student is deployed after the add/drop period the student can request an administrative drop and the following will take place:

  • Tuition and Fees will be reversed
  • Financial Aid will be adjusted according to institutional, local, state and federal refund policies
  • Student refunds generated and received as a result of financial aid may be required to be repaid by the student

In the event that there is an unpaid student account balance at time of or after deployment, the university will work with the student on payment arrangements. No collection actions will occur during deployment; however, the student must resolve any unpaid balances upon return and prior to subsequent enrollment.

Military Connected Student Support

The Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Abraham Veteran Students Success Center have staff and resources to assist active military, veteran and military connected students through admission, registration, DOD/VA and financial aid benefits, and financial arrangements. Review the dedicated webpages for important information and contact the
AVSSC, or if located on a military base, their Military Center staff for information. The Office of the Registrar , Financial Aid and Student Accounts are located in Woody Hall.

The ACVSS is located at 1860 Third Street, La Verne, Ca.

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