Financial Responsibilities

The student is responsible for the payment of any outstanding balance on his or her student account. All tuition, fees, room and board charges are due by the deadlines listed under Important Deadline Dates.  Students who register after the due date are required to make payment at the time of registration.

The online student account serves as the official student bill and will reflect the charges, credits and amounts due. It is the responsibility of the student to view their student account online for their balance and make the appropriate arrangements for payment to be received by the deadline date.

The tuition charged a student will be the rate which is current for the primary program of study in which the student is enrolled, regardless of the course in which the student enrolls. The University reserves the right to make changes to all published rates of tuition and fees at any time without prior written notice.

University of La Verne Master Promissory Note

The University of La Verne Master Promissory Note is a document all students attending the University of La Verne are required to complete. The document is a written promise to pay all assessed tuition and fees as a result of registration. The Master Promissory Note can be completed online through the LaVerne Portal.

Students whose parents authorized the Master Promissory Note prior to their 18th birthday, will need to complete the Master Promissory Note themselves on or after their 18th birthday.

Applicants who did not include their social security number in their initial application for admission will need to manually fill out a MPN. All other students (including international) will be able to submit the MPN electronically upon set up of their La Verne portal. Links to these steps are available in the admitted student checklist once a student confirms their attendance at the University of La Verne.