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Payment Plans

   Semester Based Programs 2020/2021

Term Based Programs 2019/2020

   Physician Assistant Program 2019/2020

College of Law – Summer 2020

Here are the steps to enroll in a Payment Plan:

  1. Click on MyLaVerne at the top of this page.
  2. Click on the LaVerne Portal and login with your user name and email password.
  3. Click on Financial Aid & Student Accounts.
  4. Click on Student Account Services.
  5. Click on the My Student Account Center button.
  6. Click on the Payment Plan tab and follow directions.

All students electing a deferred payment plan who do not meet their payment dates will be assessed a monthly late payment fee of $35. The University reserves the right to impose finance charges on all unpaid balances.

Students who are reimbursed by their employer are eligible for a payment plan where a 25% down payment is required plus the deferment fee. The remainder of the balance is due 45 days after the class ends.  To participate in this plan, students must submit a Company Reimbursement Form each academic year.  This form must be completed by the student and their employer and submitted to Student Accounts.  Once the form is received, then the student can log into MyLaVerne and sign up for a Company Reimbursed Payment Plan.