This major provides a balanced education in the four fields of anthropology: culture, archaeology, linguistics,and biology. It offers a foundation in theory, methodology, and applications of anthropological knowledge. The curriculum emphasizes the comparative study of human beings and their cultures in all times and all places. It prepares students for graduate study and/or careers in such fields as teaching, research, human services, international business, heritage preservation, forensics, and criminalistics. A maximum of two courses may be accepted in transfer to be applied toward the Breadth Requirements.


Anthropology ADT Template


Transfer Pathways

Post transfer pathway Anthropology revised


C-ID Descriptors

ANTH 110 – Introduction to Biological Anthropology

ANTH 115L – Biological Anthropology Laboratory

ANTH 120 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 130 – Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology

ANTH 150 – Introduction to Archaeology