The Journalism major prepares students for careers in the news media. By following the Journalism or the Photojournalism concentration, students prepare for positions on newspapers and magazines as reporters, photographers, columnists, and editorial writers, or for positions in public relations. The major includes the core requirements and one concentration.


Journalism ADT template


Transfer Paths

Post-transfer Journalism Path


CID Descriptors

JOUR 100 – Introduction to Mass Communications

JOUR 110 – Introduction to Reporting and Newswriting

JOUR 120 – Multimedia Reporting

JOUR 130 – Lower Division Student Media Practicum I

JOUR 131 – Lower Division Student Media Practicum II

JOUR 150 – Introduction to Public Relations

JOUR 160 – Introduction to Photojournalism

JOUR 170 – Introduction to Visual Communications

JOUR 210 – Intermediate Reporting Newswriting