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FAQs for Transfers

How do transfer students apply to join ULV Honors?

Usually, a 3.5 college GPA or above, the recommendations of two instructors that speak to the student’s ability to thrive in the Honors Program, and a brief 1000 word essay explaining why Honors is a match for the students are all required (documents and unofficial transcripts can all be emailed as DOC or DOCX attachments; faculty recommendations should be sent directly from faculty). All applications will be considered on an individual basis, and final acceptance will be determined by the Honors Committee.

But my admission materials say I’m already invited to join Honors. Am I in?

Not yet! Some students are indeed automatically invited to Honors upon committing to attend the University of La Verne. But you must still meet with the program director and discuss Honors and how it fits in with your curricular goals prior to your officially joining Honors.

Why do I have to talk to the director about Honors/my curricular goals?

The Honors program is primarily a 30-unit curricular experience; for most Honors students, a large majority of those 28 units can count toward General Education requirements. As many transfers have already completed their GE requirements, it’s possible joining Honors might add 32 units – well over a semester – of coursework. It’s entirely fine to do this – but we just want to make sure all students are making educated decisions.

I’m starting in Honors next semester and all the classes are full. How can I take an Honors class? What should I take?

Definitely sign up for HONR 370: Honors Colloquium. This class will not only serve as an introduction to life at La Verne, it will also help you fulfill your Values requirement (once you take HONR 370 twice, you’ll fulfill the requirement; non-Honors students take the Sophomore La Verne Experience class – SoLVE). Beyond HONR 370, be sure to meet with the Honors Program director to discuss the best seminar options, though it’s possible you’ll have to wait a semester before taking a four-unit seminar.

I completed HTCC Honors at my community/junior college. What does that do for me?

A lot! Transfer students who have completed an HTCC Honors Transfer Program with an overall transfer GPA of 3.3 will be invited to join Honors (and will be admitted, pending meeting with the Honors program director).Even better, they will also have the 24 required ULV Honors elective credits reduced to 12 (reducing the total requirement to 16 units).