CARE Network

The CARE Network is here is help students thrive emotionally, physically, and socially, and to support academic success. CARE works together to share resources, coordinate services, and create new ways to help students. CARE also works with the SOS team to respond to SOS Behavioral and Wellness Referrals. If a CARE member contacts you about a referral, remember they are here to offer you support on your college journey.

Learn more about the CARE Network members and how they can support you.

If you are concerned for a student and their well being,  please complete the SOS Referral.

Meet Our Team

Ebony Williams

Manager, Student Outreach & Support (CARE Co-Chair)

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network:
  • How I take care of my well-being:

Sarah Rodman-AlvarezSarah Rodman-Alvarez

Associate Provost for Research and Well-Being (CARE Co-Chair)

Bauccio Endowed Executive Director, Randall Lewis Center for Well-Being and Research 

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network: Because it is my job to care for the well-being of ULV students, it’s important for me to understand what our students are going through. The CARE Network gives me insight on how to support students better via direct support, policies and programs.
  • How I take care of my well-being: As a mother of two young children with a full-time job, my time is always crunched and self-care sometimes feels impossible! The most important way that I take care of myself is through a weekly pottery class. Once a week, I pop my headphones in and play with clay. It rejuvenates me!

Adrianne Montero-Camacho

Director, Accessibility & SOS Services

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network: CARE gives me the opportunity to support and advocate for students in collaboration with my colleagues. I am grateful CARE helps me to think critically about our students needs.
  • How I take care of my well-being: I’m learning to listen to my body. Every day, I pause and reflect on what I need. Is it rest? Movement? A creative outlet? Time with others? Time with myself? It takes discipline to build a practice of listening to your body, but it has made all the difference in maintaining my well-being.

Adam Wong

Associate Dean, Student Engagement and Belonging

Adam Wong

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network: I think it is critical that I support every facet of our students’ lives. As much as I love getting students involved and supporting their co-curricular journey, being a part of CARE affords me the opportunity to build relationships through a different lens.
  • How I take care of my well-being: Doing things that bring me joy- Playing with my puppy, cooking, watching sports.

Chris Krich

Head Football Coach

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network: I want to represent and support the well-being of our student athletes. Being part of CARE gives me a path to be able to help and guide our students.
  • How I take care of my well-being: Exercise has always been the tool I have used to help balance and control the stressors in my life. I also spend time with friends and family.

Daniel LoeraDaniel Loera

Director, Multicultural Services

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network: I believe we should be attentive to the needs of the whole student and I believe each of us, in our different spheres of contact, will act as liaisons for those students we encounter.
  • How I take care of my well-being: I take time to get outdoors with nature- it grounds me!

Tiffany De Leon

Associate Director, Title III HSI STEM Grant

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network: I believe in the impact meeting students where they are and supporting them through life’s challenging moments can have. I believe in removing barriers of access for students and creating equity as much as possible. The work that CARE does with students is an avenue where I see this happening for our students at ULV.
  • How I take care of my well-being: I go to therapy twice a month, I have a support system that supports me through the ups and downs, I run or go on walks (with music, podcast or audio book – a must) and I make sure to spend quality time with those I love since this refuels me.

Savannah Garcia

Director, Academic Success Center

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network: Being part of CARE allows me to not only collaborate with colleagues across campus who are highly committed to students’ success and well-being, but it also allows me to define where the ASC can be more intentional in supporting students and their varying needs. I am able to adjust our approaches, outreach, and services based on the sharing of knowledge and experiences within the group. Ultimately, my investment and goal is to support students’ holistic development and educational experience at ULV, and this group is a mechanism for gaining key insights and practices which aid me in reaching that goal.
  • How I take care of my well-being: I am an individual who has always struggled with prioritizing my own well-being. Recently, I have started being more intentional in how I take care of myself. For me, attending counseling is a method that really allows me to focus on myself, my needs, and my growth as a person. In addition, I engage in meditation using my crystals and candles, and I also find listening to music and just soaking in it to bring me comfort and calm at the end of chaotic or busy days.

Brooke Grasso

Academic Advisor III

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network:I think it is essential to work with students holistically, ensuring they have support in all the facets of their life. I recognize that overall wellbeing plays a factor in the student experience, and my hope is that I can advocate for students to have the support they need along the way.
  • How I take care of my well-being:I created a “dopamine menu” for myself so that when I’m feeling like I need a boost, I have a curated list of things I can do that I know bring me joy. It includes things like going for a walk outside, listening to my favorite music, or playing pickle ball, and I can choose what is best for how I am feeling that day.

Albert Perez

Assistant Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network: I want to contribute as best I can to the CARE Network.
  • How I take care of my well-being: I spend time with my family and friends. I love trying coffee from different places and enjoy visiting museums.

Eugene Shang

Director, Residence Life and Student Conduct

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network:
  • How I take care of my well-being:

Zandra WagonerZandra Wagoner, PhD

University Chaplain

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network: I am a part of CARE to suppor tstudents in their mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, to support them in their academic journey toward graduation.
  • How I take care of my well-being: I take care of my well-being by staying connected with and caring for my inner life.  I also turn to things I love: I love to cook, read, hike, take walks, spend time with friends or family, play games, and take a break with TV show and movies.  A good cup of tea or coffee is one of my favorite go-to’s that is always grounding.  Being outside and opening myself to the wonders of trees, insects, animals, and rocks, or taking in something larger than myself is the best medicine I know.

Jason Souriolle

Coord, Residence Life

  • Why I am a part of the CARE Network: Working in Housing, we see the entire student. We not only hear about their academic successes and challenges, but we see them when they come home. We learn about their families, social groups, mental health, relationships, and passions. I think that having this insight allows us to have a unique level of rapport to connect with students and provide support. It also helps us to provide others with information that they may not have as they may only see them in their office/classroom setting.
  • How I take care of my well-being: I find value in making self-care a consistent practice. Every day, I create time for fun. For me, fun looks like exercising, playing games or sports with friends, and listening to music. Each week I have a night designated to quiet, reflective practices to help process what I went through and how I am feeling. I journal at home, take myself to dinner (no phone), or go for a drive and sit at the beach. As needed, I leave campus to get out of what can be a stressful environment. I go for walks, bike rides, and visit friends and family.