Campus Resources

Well-being Dimensions

Wellness goes beyond just avoiding illness or distress—it’s about making choices for a balanced and fulfilling life. To support students in their wellness journey, SOS recommends using the Well-being Dimensions. This tool outlines eight dimensions of wellness, helping students assess what influences their overall well-being. These dimensions are interconnected and essential for a balanced life.

The University of La Verne prioritizes the well-being and success of our students. We provide a variety of on-campus resources to support students throughout their college experience. Below, you’ll find university resources categorized according to the dimensions of the Well-being Dimensions.

If students need help connecting with these resources, they can reach out to Student Outreach and Support.

Spiritual well-being involves taking moments to pause and be present. If you’re unsure about your spiritual life, that’s perfectly okay! College offers a great opportunity to reflect on what spirituality means to you.

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life sponsors programs exploring religion, spirituality, interfaith cooperation, ethics, and meaning. They encourage individuals to deepen their spirituality and offer one-on-one spiritual support with the University Chaplain.

They also organize Grief Circles, providing a supportive space for students to learn about and navigate grief related to various life experiences, such as loss, transitions, or difficult events. For more information, students can visit Campus Labs.

Emotional well-being involves your thoughts, feelings, and how you handle life’s challenges.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS offers individual therapy and appointments with a psychiatrist via telepsychology for currently enrolled ULV students in California. Their mission is to promote personal growth and psychological well-being. Students who are seeking clinical services should contact CAPS to schedule an appointment.

Student Outreach and Support (SOS)

SOS is here to help students during challenging times in their college experience, such as transitioning to college, mental health challenges, or academic difficulties. We offer support and resources through the CARE Network, case management support, and the Behavioral Intervention Team. If a student needs help or is concerned about a peer’s well-being, they should reach out to SOS.

Financial well-being means living within your means and learning to manage your finances for both short- and long-term goals.

Student Emergency Fund

Currently enrolled students at the university can apply for limited emergency financial grants from the ULV Student Emergency Fund when emergency situations jeopardize their continued education. Grants are awarded based on availability of funds. For additional information on eligibility and applying for the grant, students should visit the Student Emergency Fund page.

Community well-being involves fostering healthy, supportive, and nurturing relationships.

Student Engagement and Leadership

The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership is the perfect place to start exploring involvement opportunities to enhance your experience at ULV. Their mission is to provide all students with opportunities for learning and a sense of belonging. They offer resources to help students transition and integrate into the La Verne community, including student organizations, Greek life, Associated Students of the University of La Verne (ASULV), Campus Activities Board (CAB), and Orientation Week Leaders.

The office also offers an Involvement Calculator where students answer questions about their hobbies and interests. Based on their answers, staff will connect students with clubs and organizations that match their interests, helping them feel at home on campus.

Physical well-being involves listening to and taking care of your body.

The Randall Lewis Center for Well-Being and Research

The Lewis Center offers resources for physical, emotional, and mental well-being for ULV students, faculty, and staff, as well as the surrounding region. Services include:

  • Wellness programming covering mindfulness, stress management, sleep, hygiene, nutrition, and sexual health.
  • A fitness center with indoor and outdoor areas, movement class studios, and locker rooms.
  • Gathering spaces for collaboration on well-being issues.
  • Online resources for the ULV community, including regional and online campuses.
  • Teaching and research opportunities to advance knowledge about well-being.
Student Health Services

Health and wellness is important for academic success at the University of La Verne. All full-time, traditional aged undergraduates (12 or more credit hours per semester) and graduate international students (3 or more credit hours) are automatically enrolled in our University Student Medical Insurance plan. All others taking a minimum of 6 units on our main campus are eligible to opt in as well. The Student Health Center is staffed by medical providers who provide services for acute and chronic medical concerns. In addition, they have an on site pharmacy that meets the needs of most students. The Student Health Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm during the traditional academic school year. All appointments are free of charge for students with our insurance plan. Students in need of an appointment should call (909) 448-4619.

Leo Food Pantry

The Leo Food Pantry tackles food insecurity on campus by offering monthly food distributions. Students facing food insecurity can sign up for a food bag each month.

Food Voucher Program

The Food Voucher Program, a collaboration between the University and Bon Appétit, provides vouchers for meals at The Spot or Late Night Swipes at Barbara’s Place. Students in need of a hot meal can contact a CARE Network member to be assigned a voucher.

Value Meals at Barbara’s Place

Barbara’s Place provides value meals to support students facing financial challenges or food insecurity. These meals offer affordable and fresh options for students in need.

Occupational well-being involves finding purpose and success in your current “career” as a college student.

Academic Success Center (ASC)

The ASC, part of Libraries & Learning Commons in Wilson Library, offers a range of services to support students. These include tutoring, academic coaching, classroom support, 24/7 tutoring via Blackboard, faculty/staff assistance, workshops, student resource development, and placement testing services. Students experiencing academic challenges, time management issues, studying difficulties, or organizational problems should book an appointment with the ASC.

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services ensures that all students with disabilities have access to academic programs and university resources. This includes disabilities such as medical, physical, psychological, attention-deficit, and/or learning disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are provided to minimize the impact of a student’s disability and enhance their potential for success. Students interested in learning more or applying for accommodations should contact Accessibility Services.

Career Center

The Career Center helps students and alumni develop valuable skills for the global job market through Career Readiness, offering digital resources, tools, career assessments, and programming. They support students and recent alumni in all aspects of career development, assisting in identifying passions, interests, and skills for professional pathways, and providing industry recruitment opportunities for jobs and internships.