SOS Behavior & Wellness Referral Report

What is the SOS Report?

The SOS Report is a public form that allows faculty, staff, students, and community members the ability to share a concern regarding a student’s well-being with Student Outreach and Support.

Why does the University of La Verne need this type of report?

Having a system in place to address student wellness concerns is a best practice across colleges and universities nationwide. Having the SOS Report is not only essential to identifying students who are struggling with their well-being, but also ensuring they are connected with a supportive staff member who can provide appropriate resources.

When should I submit a report?

Students experience distress for a multitude of reasons. Is someone you know:

  • Experiencing a decline in work and/or academic performance?
  • Demonstrating disruptive and/or disturbing behavior?
  • Showing dramatic changes in appearance, behavior, and/or weight?
  • Having problems at home, with classes and/or work?
  • Making disturbing comments in conversation, email, letters, social media postings and/or papers?
  • Sad, anxious and/or experiencing dramatic mood shifts?
  • Abusing alcohol and/or drugs?
  • Isolating themselves socially?
  • Acting paranoid and/or suspicious?
  • Frequently angry and/or easily frustrated?
  • Struggling with health problems?

These behaviors, especially when more than one is present, may be indicators that a student is in distress.There are many resources available at La Verne to help. Your report to SOS can make a difference.

What if I want to remain anonymous?

Although it is helpful to know who is submitting a SOS report, SOS understands there will be times when the report does not feel comfortable with their identity being known. If that is the case, please know a SOS report may be submitted anonymously.

What information do I need to submit a report?

Providing as much information as possible is essential. The following information is helpful: 

  • Student, faculty or staff member’s name and ID number (if known)
  • Brief factual description of the incident and/or behavior
  • Direct quotes whenever possible
  • Where and when the incident and/or behavior occurred
  • Names and contact information of witnesses
  • Your name, position, and complete contact information
  • Include all emails, voice recordings, text messages and/or other information you have
How do I submit a report?

If you have questions regarding how to submit a SOS report, please reference this How to Submit a SOS Report video.

Can I talk to someone before submitting a report?

Yes, if you have questions or concerns about submitting a report, please contact the SOS case manager, Adrianne Montero-Camacho, MSW (, 909-448-4520).

What should I expect once I submit a report?

Once a SOS Report is submitted, the SOS case manager will respond to the reporter within 24 hours to confirm the report was submitted and gather any additional information. Within FERPA guidelines, the SOS case manager may update the reporter informing them if the student has been contacted; however, all other information/outcome of meetings with students will not be shared with reporters to respect the student’s privacy. If the student is aware you have submitted a report on their behalf, you may follow up with the students inquiring if they received support they needed.