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Leo Food Pantry

Food insecurity on college campuses continues to grow throughout the nation. In fact, the rate of food insecurity among college students is 1.5-4 times greater than the national average. The Leo Food Pantry is part of The Campaign Against Student Hunger which was created to address food insecurity and alleviate student hunger on campus.

How it Works

Students in need of food assistance can request a food bag throughout the entire month in preparation of our distributions at the end of the month. The food pantry offers four types of food bags: Regular, Vegetarian, Kosher and Halal. All bags contain only nonperishable foods. Fresh produce is available only when the pantry receives donations from the community.

Some of the contents of your food bag may require a can opener, and/or stove or microwave to prepare your food. Can openers can be obtained from the Leo Food Pantry. In addition, the following places on campus have been identified to have all of the above tools/appliances for your use: Barb’s Place (ground floor, ACC), Citrus Residence Hall Kitchenette, Vista Residence Hall Lounge, and the Randall Lewis Center.

Request a Food Bag


Meal Voucher Form

CARE Network members should complete the Meal Voucher Form when distributing vouchers.