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Student Outreach and Support understands that students may feel intimidated or overwhelmed when asked to meet with a university representative to discuss their well-being. For that reason, SOS aims to make students feel comfortable and safe.

It is important for students to understand that they are not in trouble because the SOS case manager/CARE Network member is requesting a meeting. The role of  the SOS case manager/CARE Network member is still provide students with support and resources.


Students are not mandated to meet with SOS. Once SOS receives a referral for a student, the team will make several attempts to contact the student. If the student does not respond, SOS will provide a list of resources via email for further reference.


The primary goal of the meeting is to share the reason for the referral to SOS, gather any additional context about the situation and offer support and resources. Students can expect to meet with a SOS team member who is compassionate and dedicated to assisting the student. The student and SOS team member may choose to schedule follow-up meetings to assure the appropriate resources were provided, motivate the student to connect with these resources, and provide continued emotional support.


SOS consists of the case manager, CARE Network, and BIT. The CARE Network and BIT are made up of staff members who volunteer to serve on these committees to assist students in distress. SOS team members are trained in working with students and managing crisis situations.