The Biology Department offers a major that provides breadth within the natural sciences but also depth within the many sub-disciplines of biology. This is accomplished with core areas that include introductory, foundational, and mastery courses, an environmental, applied/translational, and integrative/interdisciplinary themed course, and supportive courses from the Natural Science Division. The range of courses prepares students for the health professions, cellular and molecular biology, environmental biology, and teaching.


Biology ADT Template


Transfer Paths

Post-transfer Biology path


CID Descriptors

BIOL 110B – Human Anatomy with Lab

BIOL 115 BS – Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab

BIOL 120B – Human Physiology with Lab

BIOL 130S – Organismal Biology Ecology and Evolution

BIOL 140 – Organismal Biology

BIOL 150 – Zoology Animal Diversity and Evolution

BIOL 155 – Botany Plant Diversity and Ecology

BIOL 190 – Cell and Molecular Biology


CHEM 120S – General Chemistry for Science Majors Sequence A


MATH 211 – Single Variable Calculus I Late Transcendentals

MATH 210 – Single Variable Calculus I Early Transcendentals


PHYS 105 – Algebra Trigonometry Based Physics A

PHYS 110 – Algebra Trigonometry Based Physics B

PHYS 100S – Algebra Trigonometry Based Physics AB

PHYS 205 Calculus Based Physics for Scientists and Engineers A

PHYS 210 – Calculus Based Physics for Scientists and Engineers B