Marilyn Thomsen

Vaccine Ambassadors Booth with reporter and cameraman

Student “Vaccine Ambassadors” Do Outreach on Campus and Beyond

Eleven University of La Verne students spent their summer helping share accurate information about the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine. They were part of the Faith in the Vaccine program, operated by Interfaith Youth Core, a nonprofit organization.

Outdoor sculpture features and man, woman, and child in modern style

University of La Verne Students Intern with City of Hope

Three University of La Verne students are spending their summer as interns at the prestigious City of Hope, a world-renowned comprehensive cancer center and independent biomedical research institution located in Duarte, California, just 15 miles from the university’s central campus.

new graduate waving at San Manuel Stadium in-person graduation ceremony

University of La Verne Celebrates In-Person Commencement

The University of La Verne graduates of spring 2020, and winter and spring 2021 finally had their day in the sun—literally—on June 12 as they proudly marched into San Manuel Stadium in San Bernardino for in-person commencement ceremonies.

Wisteria in bloom with orange university banner and Vaccine Champion University badge

University of La Verne Joins COVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge

The University of La Verne announced on June 9 that it has joined the COVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge. Hundreds of colleges and universities across the country are joining the effort initiated by the White House and the U.S. Department of Education to help end the pandemic by increasing vaccination participation among students and university communities.

University of La Verne Graduates 1,327 in Virtual Commencement May 29

Isabella Guzman took a break from her role as head of the nation’s Small Business Administration—a cabinet-level post—to tell graduates of the University of La Verne that “there is no greater measure of success than service to others, because it’s not enough to achieve for yourself alone. Your community, your city, your state, your country are only as strong as you make them.”