MyLaVerne – Faculty Services

MyLaVerne is your link to student information at the University of LaVerne. Logging in to MyLaVerne allows you to enter a secure area where you can update your current address and telephone number, view your teaching schedule, find your classroom assignments, look up contact information for your students, assign registration overrides for students and enter final grades for all of your classes.

By clicking on the links below, you can view instructions that will walk you through some of the most popular uses of the MyLaVerne system. Please feel free to contact the Registrar’s Office at if you have questions or need further assistance using MyLaVerne.


Logging into MyLaVerne

Follow the steps linked below:

How to Enter Overrides

Before you start, confirm the exact error message a student is receiving. Please see the Override Appendix to view which override needs to be entered. A majority of overrides should be entered by the instructor or department. Once the override is entered, be sure to let the student know. The student will then need to register as normal. Entering the override does not register the student to the course.

  1. Go to MyLaVerne.
  2. Click MyLaVerne under Quicklinks.
  3. Click on Faculty Services
  4. Click on Registration Overrides
  5. You will be asked to select a term
  6. Click submit.
  7. You can search for the student using the Student ID number or First and Last Name.
    1.  In the event that there is more than a single person with that name, a drop down menu will appear. You will select the correct student and then click Submit.
    2. If there is not, you can verify that the correct person’s name is showing and then click Submit.
  8. Select an override from the drop-down menu.
  9. Select the course that the override applies to.
    1. As an instructor, you will want to select from the overrides that are listed as instructor overrides.
  10. Click Submit.
  11. You will be taken to a confirmation screen, which asks you to verify and confirm that the overrides being added for the student are the ones you intended to selectIf everything looks right, click on Submit.
  12. If everything was applied appropriately, you will see a new line in black which says “The registration overrides you entered have been saved successfully.”

You can verify that your overrides have been saved successfully by viewing the student’s current overrides.

Override Appendix
Class Standing

This error indicates the course has been designated for a particular class level (for example, Freshmen only, Seniors only, etc…) Class level is decided by credit hours. 

How to Correct: Enter Inst-Class Standing Override. Override can be entered by either the course instructor or academic advisor.


The class is at its maximum enrollment.  

How to Correct: Enter Instructor Special Approval Override. This override is available one week before the semester begins.


Flex, you must be a part of the Flex cohort. 

How to Correct: There is no override. Student will need to be part of the cohort in order to register. 


The course requires registration for another course at the same time. This does not apply to Lab/Lectures. 

How to Correct: Verify that both of the required courses are being added at the same time. Co-requisites are set by the department and will need department approval to be overridden.

Degree restriction

Student selected a course that is not open to students in their degree program (for example, an MBA student trying to register for an MHA course). 

How to Correct: Degree Override from the department chair or regional campus academic advisor in order to eliminate this error.

Duplicate Section

Student selected a course that is the same subject and course number for the same term.

How to Correct: Contact registrar’s office to request an override. 

 Field of Study

Student selected a course that is not a part of their major, minor, or concentration. 

How to Correct: Major Override based on the error statement. Override can be entered by instructor or the academic advisor.

Level Restriction

Student selected a course that is not open for registration at their level (for example, an undergraduate student attempting to register for a master’s level course). 

How to Correct: If they are an undergraduate student; there are certain rules to complete, thy should contact their Academic Advisor. If they are a graduate or doctrine student, they will need approval from your academic advisor or from the department chair. 

Linked Courses

There are courses that must be taken at the same time. For example, certain labs must be taken with a certain lecture.

How to Correct: Verify that both of the linked courses are being added at the same time. If the student also receives the Prerequisite error, this will need to be resolved before adding any linked courses.

Pre-requisite/Test Score

Student selected a course for which they have not completed the required prerequisites or have not placed at the level of the course.  

How to Correct: Prerequisite Override can be entered by the professor, department chair, or regional campus academic advisor. 

Repeat Count Exceeds 0

Student selected a course that they have previously taken.  

How to Correct: Student will need to contact the Office of the Registrar or their regional campus academic advisor for an override.

Special Approval

Student selected a class that requires department or instructor approval. 

How to Correct: Special Approval Override is required by either the department or instructor. 

Time Conflict

A class the student selected conflicts with the time of another class for which they are registered.

How to Correct: In order obtain an override the student will need written consent from both instructors indicating they are aware of the time conflict.  The written consent needs to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office so that they may input the override. 

How to View Rosters
  1. Go to MyLaVerne. 
  2. Click MyLaVerne under Quicklinks.
  3. Click on Faculty Services.
  4. Select a term from the pull-down menu for the roster you want to review.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click on the Detailed Class List or the Summary Class List.
  7. Select the CRN for the course you would like to review.
How to View Schedule and Room Assignments
  1. Go to MyLaVerne. 
  2. Click MyLaVerne under Quicklinks.
  3. Click on “Faculty Services”
  4. Select “Faculty Detail Schedule” from the menu
  5. Select a term from the drop-down menu.

Your schedule for that term will display and you will be able to view days, times and classroom assignments for all of your courses in the “Scheduled Meeting Times” area of the detailed schedule.

If you do not wish to enter the Secure Area, you can use the MyLaVerne system to display current course information by clicking on the “Class Schedule” link on the main MyLaVerne menu and performing a class search using the subjects you are teaching and your last name as parameters.

How to Submit Final Grades

Before you start:

All grades must be submitted online through your faculty class roster on MyLaVerne.  There is a 30-minute time limit on the grade submission page, so grades for all students should be calculated before logging into submit grades.

It is highly encouraged that you confirm you are able to access your class rosters through MyLaVerne and that all your classes and students are available for you to submit grades.  If a CRN is missing, or you see a class that you didn’t teach, please reach out to as soon as possible.

  1. Go to MyLaVerne. 
  2. Click MyLaVerne under Quicklinks.
  3. Click on Faculty Services. 
  4. Click on Final Grades. 
  5. Select the term.
  6. Click Submit .
  7. Click on the CRN you’d like to enter grades for.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Select the grade for each student using the drop down. 
  10. If entering a WF or WNCR; you will need to also enter the last date of attendance. 
  11. If you only have the option for CRD/NCR, the student opted to receive a CRD/NCR grade. 
  12. Click Submit.


Checking grades – We suggest entering grades in batches to ensure grades are successfully submitted. Faculty are also able to check the status of their submission by clicking on the “Submitted Grades” link in the Final Grade Worksheet. We highly encourage you do this when you believe you’ve submitted all grades for a CRN.  

Special Grades

In addition to letter grades, all of the special grade options you can enter on a paper grade sheet can be entered online according to the following guidelines:

  • CRD/NCR: This grade option is used for courses designated CRD/NCR or for students who have opted for the CRD/NCR option in a letter grade course. If students have opted to receive a CRD/NCR grade, only CRD, NCR and the special grade options will appear.
  • INC: Incomplete grades should be used for students when special circumstances make the submission of a final grade impossible. Before entering a grade of INC for a student, you must submit an online Incomplete Contract for that student.
  • IP: In Progress grades are reserved for directed and independent studies, field work, senior projects or graduate culminating activities where the completion date is beyond the end of the term of registration.
  • WF: Withdraw Failing grades should be used to indicate that a student stopped attending the course without processing an official withdrawal. The WF will count as a failing grade towards cumulative GPA. To be eligible for the WF grade, students must have stopped attending class prior to the last day that withdrawal is permitted (during the first 60% of the term). For each WF grade you must indicate the student’s last date of attendance in the “Last Attend Date” column. Students who stop attending after 60% of the term has passed should be issued the grade of “F”.
Submit or View Incomplete Contract

Follow the link below to submit or view an incomplete contract.

View Unofficial Student Transcript
  1. Go to MyLaVerne.
  2. Click MyLaVerne under Quicklinks.
  3. Click on the Faculty Services.
  4. Click on Advisor Menu.
  5. Click on Student Academic Transcript.
  6. Select the term from the drop down on the Term Selection page.
  7. Search for the student on the ID Selection page by entering either the eight-digit ULV ID number or the first and last name in the appropriate fields. Leave the Search Type set to “All”.
  8. Select the correct student.
  9. Select the level (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral or all available levels, depending on what courses the student has taken at University of La Verne).
  10. Click on the Display Transcript.
  11. To view an unofficial transcript for a different student, return to the Advisor Menu and click on the “ID Selection” link to perform a search for a new person.


TIP: The student must either be a student or an advisee of yours for you to access their transcript online. If you should be the assigned advisor for a student and you receive the message “There are no students registered in your assigned courses or assigned as your advisees.” contact Academic Advising.