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Graduation Requirements

Undergraduate Students

Checklists and forms that pertain to graduation requirements can be found at the Academic Advising web site.

Graduate Students

For checklists and forms that pertain to graduation requirements, please contact the Office of Graduate Academic Services at (909) 593-3511 x4011 or x4504.


Visit the Commencement web site for current dates and other information.

Commencement information is updated as it becomes available. If you have any questions, please contact the Commencement Office at (909) 593-3511, x4765 or email:

Frequently Asked Questions


The graduation application and fee are required of all students.

Undergraduate students should file an Application for Graduation with the Registrar’s Office two semesters prior to the anticipated completion date. Payment of the graduation fee must also be submitted, either online or in-person at Student Accounts in Woody Hall.

If you have a major in International Business and Language, Liberal Arts, Music, Social Science, or any other major not listed in the catalog, you must also submit a major contract – signed by your major advisor – with your application for graduation.

If you have a minor that is not printed in the catalog, you must also submit a minor contract – signed by your minor advisor – with your application for graduation.


The graduation fee is currently set as follows:

  • Undergraduates: $140
  • Graduates (Masters): $160
  • Graduates (Doctoral): $300

This is required of all students, and covers the costs associated with the completion of a degree program, including your degree posting and diploma. For the most up-to-date information on graduation fees, please check Tuition and Fees for the current year.


To check your overall degree program completion status please log in to your MyLaVerne Portal and select MyDegree Tracker. Your degree audit is a reflection of your degree and program requirements as stated in your catalog.


Students are only required to apply for graduation once. Upon applying for graduation, you will be considered for each subsequent Commencement Ceremony.


In order to be cleared to participate in Commencement, you must be registered in all of your final courses, and these courses must correspond to a term or semester that will be complete prior to the date of commencement. For example, if you wish to participate in Spring commencement, you must be registered in Spring courses only – early summer registrations will not be considered for eligibility. If you are registered for your final courses at a transfer institution, you must submit proof of enrollment to the Office of Academic Advising.


Participation in commencement does not mean you have completed all degree requirements. You will need to log onto your MyLaVerne Portal to view your My Degree Tracker. You can also contact your Academic Advisor to assist you in verifying that you have met all requirements.

Additionally, holds can restrict your diploma from being mailed to you. You will need to verify if you have outstanding holds and resolve those issues before the diploma can be mailed.


Your degree needs be posted to your transcript before your diploma will be mailed. Degrees are posted within 60 days of a student’s last completed degree requirement for their degree program. When your degree is posted, you will receive an instant email notification of the posting. Within 5 weeks after receiving your degree posting notification you will receive an email regarding the status of your diploma order.

The email regarding the status of your diploma order will provide you with the date your diploma was ordered, the date we expect to receive your diploma and the date we expect to provide your diploma to the United States Postal Service.