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Online Degree/Program Evaluation

The University of La Verne offers Degree/Program Evaluation, our online degree audit program. Degree/Program Evaluation allows you to check your completed and outstanding degree requirements through MyLaVerne any time.

What does this mean for you? You will not need to visit the Registrar’s office to obtain an unofficial evaluation of degree requirements (Degree/Program Evaluation).

View your current requirements anytime and verify when transfer credit or equivalencies have been processed. You can also print your online Degree/Program Evaluation prior to visiting your Academic Advisor for future course planning.

Note: This is not an official evaluation. Please consult your Academic Advisor for detailed Program Requirements and options.


First Enrollment, Fall 2017 or later


First Enrollment, Summer 2017 or older

To access Degree/Program Evaluation
  1. Go to MyLaVerne.
  2. Click MyLaVerne under Quicklinks
  3. Click on theStudent Services and Financial Aidtab.
  4. Select Student Records.
  5. Select Degree Evaluation.
  6. Select the current term.
  7. Verify that your curriculum information is correct.
  8. From this screen, you have two options:
    1. Option 1: View Previous Evaluations: This option allows you to view all Degree/Program Evaluations previously run. You are only able to delete evaluations you initiated.
      • Select View Previous Evaluation at the bottom of the screen.
      • Select the Evaluation you wish to view by clicking on the program name at the left.
    2. Option 2: Generate New Evaluation
      • This option allows you to run a new evaluation based on your current major. The program information shown is based on your declared major.
      • Select Generate New Evaluation at the bottom of the screen.
      • Select the radio button next to the program and click Generate Request.
      • Degree/Program Evaluation Brochure



Frequently Asked Questions


If you were admitted to the University prior to Fall 2008, your curriculum information will not appear in the Degree Evaluation section. The Degree/Program Evaluation tool is only available to new students who are following the catalog for Fall 2008 or later.


Your specific degree requirements (including major, GE and Core or Values) may not run accurately until the Office of the Registrar completes your initial Admission Evaluation and inputs the information received from your Academic Advisor or Admissions Counselor.