Forms for Download

These forms are available in PDF format.

General Forms

Undergraduate Appeal Form – NEW

  • This is our new undergraduate appeals form that is an online submission form and will be replacing the old cover sheets.

Undergraduate Appeal Forms (Legacy Cover Sheets):

  • Beginning July 2023, please use the new Undergraduate Appeal Form.  The legacy cover sheets will be sunsetted on October 16, 2023

Transcript Requests:

Non-matriculated Status Enrollment:

  • Meet or speak with Office of Academic Advising (Camps Center, 2nd Floor) to review your enrollment options, availability of courses, payment and financial obligations, and application/registration processes. [Note: as a non-matriculated student, you are NOT eligible for any type of financial aid but may be eligible for payment plans].
  • Fill out the Non-Degree Application.  Receive the admission decision, along with your assigned student ID (8 digits).

If you are admitted as a non-matriculated student:

  • BUT you have not yet spoken with the Office of Academic Advising (Campus Center, 2nd Floor), do so to discuss enrollment options, availability of courses, and payment and financial obligations.
  • Use the student ID to set up your student email and access the student Portal.  Click on “First-time Users”.
  • Review Banner 9 Registration documentation and tutorials.
  • You will be prompted to accept the financial agreement (formerly known as “promissory note”) before registration.  [Instructions are included in the Banner 9 documentation and tutorials link above].
  • Proceed to register directly in courses you desire to take.  Be mindful of registration limitations:
    • 1) enroll for not more than 11 semester hours in any academic term;
    • 2) the desired course is not offered in the desired academic term (but you would have known this at the meeting with the Office of Academic Advising);
    • 3) the course is full [but you can request instructor permission]; or
    • 4) you have not fulfilled the prerequisite(s) in the desired course(s).
  • Settle tuition and fees with Student Accounts.  Payment plans are available.
  • Take note of key academic and financial deadlines by reviewing our academic calendar.


Faculty Use:


Faculty/Staff Only: MyDegree Tracker, Student Educational Plan Templates (Should submit as Word document).