Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from La Verne

All undergraduate students who desires to interrupt their studies and desire to return to La Verne may apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA).  Students must file a LOA/Withdrawal form prior to leaving the University and have it signed by specific officials.  Submitting an LOA helps the university to know when the student intends to leave, for what reason, and for how long.  Knowing this information helps us to facilitate referrals as needed if financial, academic, or personal hardships are affecting continuous enrollment.  Also, filing an LOA secures a student’s active status, facilitating the resumption of studies at the conclusion of the LOA.  Students should read the Handbook for important details about leaving campus on a temporary basis:

Traditional Undergraduates: Leave of Absence Handbook & Form.

All other campuses, CAPA and Regional and Online Campuses (ROC): LOA Form Only.

Students who file leaves of absence must vacate University housing.

Withdrawal from the University

A traditional undergraduate who wishes to withdraw from the University permanently must file a LOA/Withdrawal form (see the Handbook above) and have it signed by various university officials to ensure s/he leaves in good standing.

Withdrawing or Dropping Courses  (All LOA and Withdrawn Students)

Students who fail to officially drop/withdraw from classes (or abandon courses) will receive failing grades.  La Verne does not automatically drop students who do not attend classes.  The effective date of withdrawal is the date the student officially withdraws from all courses or the final day of the semester.  Students who abandon their courses and do not formally withdraw are subject to administrative termination of their “active student” status after two consecutive semesters and will be required to reapply for admission.

Students who withdraw from the University must vacate University housing.

Clearing All Holds

Students who leave the University on a LOA or permanently through withdrawal should ensure that all financial balances are cleared, all library books are returned, and all holds are removed.  Failure to clear your account of all these items will result in restrictions to academic records, denying the purchase of transcripts, holds of certificates or diplimas, and restrictions to registration in courses in future semesters.  Also, students who do not clear financial balances may be subject to collection proceedings.