Academic Advising Learning Outcomes

Expected Student Learning Outcomes for the Academic Advising Experience

Through the advising experience at University of La Verne,

  • You will demonstrate the ability to make effective decisions concerning your degree and career goals
  • You will develop an educational plan for successfully achieving your goals and select courses each semester to progress toward fulfilling your goals
  • You will demonstrate an understanding of University of La Verne’s central values as expressed in its Mission Statement, its general education requirements, and your chosen course of study.
  • You will utilize the resources and services on campus to assist you in achieving your academic, personal, and career goals.
  • You will make use of referrals to campus resources as needed.
  • You will be able to accurately read and effectively utilize a degree audit through the use of Degree/Program Evaluations and MyLaVerne resources.
  • You will graduate in a timely manner based on your educational plans.

Demonstrating Your Achievement of Learning Outcomes

In order to accurately measure and document that you have achieved the learning outcomes of your advising, you and the faculty advisor will develop and on-going file of your advising work. This file will consist of a variety of documents including your basic contact information, your Degree/Program Evaluations, copies of emails, and a variety of documents that you and the advisor will develop together to demonstrate your academic goals.