Transferring Courses

Below are some resources for when the need arises to transfer a course to earn general education (GE) or major or minor subject or elective credit at the University of La Verne. Always consult with your academic advisor before taking a course in transfer.

The University Registrar normally decides on general education or elective credits, but academic advisors will make decisions about major or minor credit(s) in transfer. A course that may qualify for major or minor credit should be accepted as an elective course at the very least by the Registrar to allow the academic advisor to use the course(s) for subject credit in the major or the minor. We strongly recommend that you also review the Registrar’s Transfer & Evaluation Center website.

TAP (University of La Verne – Articulation Database)

  • Navigate TAP (PDF): Instructions to identify courses from across the United States that have been reviewed and articulated by the Office of the Registrar (these may include some “online” colleges listed below).
  • View TAP within the La Verne Portal > Search Apps > “TAP”

NAVIGATE ASSIST.ORG (State of California Database of Community College courses)

  • Tutorial: Navigate website (video, 5:46) to identify California Community College GE courses that are transferable to California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC-IGETC). Eligible CSU or UC general education certified courses may be transferred to the University of La Verne for (LV)GE credit.
    • ULV Registrar’s conversion chart helps to identify CSU or UC general education courses in Assist. org for ULV (LV)GE subject areas.
  • Visit


* These online colleges are not endorsed by the University of La Verne. Take necessary steps to do your own research and due diligence to ensure the course(s) you choose from these sites are pre-approved by the University Registrar, and are transferable to the University of La Verne prior to registering and paying for these courses.

# Students who seek careers in K-12 teaching or counseling should FIRST consult with LFCE Credential Officials or academic advisors about whether Straighterline courses are appropriate for their credential  objective. Currently, Straighterline courses are not used to meet specific credential requirements.