Selecting a Major

At the University of La Verne, there are more than 50 majors and 35 minors, with options to create individualized minors in consultation with academic departments. With so many choices, the process of selecting a single major, let alone a double major, or a minor could be overwhelming. If you are undeclared or are reconsidering your chosen major, you are not alone!

Being undeclared about a college major is not unusual; approximately 20 percent of students are admitted as undeclared. Nor is it unusual for students who have chosen a major to change their minds at least once. There are many other students who are going through the same process.  A recent study suggests that 75-85% of student switch majors increasing their chances of graduating on time. The process of choosing a major can often be an anxiety-filled experience but it can also be exciting if you choose a major that you are happy with. With the right guidance and resources that are available to you at the University of La Verne, deciding on a major should not be an anxiety-filled process.

The key is to select a major wisely and to think about the timing of making a decision because timely graduation (within 4 years) becomes more difficult the more you delay in choosing a major and completing the subject requirements. The information below, including the available handbook, have information to help you with the process of selecting a major that you will be happy about. The handbook, for example, will briefly explain the process of selecting a major, it provides activities to assist you with major and career exploration, and it will identify resources on campus that can help you with this process.

Resources to help choose the right major:

  • Individual session with an Academic Advisor in the desired major.
  • Academic Major Descriptions: Majors offered, requirements and descriptions (search by “Location.” Look for “La Verne Campus” if you’re a traditional undergraduate since not all majors are offered in all campuses for all students.
  • Academic Majors & FLEX Learning Communities Options to explore by disciplines.
  • Four-year Academic Road maps by major leading to individualized Student Educational Plans (LVGE), making sure that you’ve checked off all subject requirement in the major and the Path to Graduation (LVGE).
  • Career Services: Career and major exploration; skills testing.
  • Handbook: Selecting a Major (LVGE) | Resources: Print and Video.
  • Create your own major.  Instructions.
  • Workshops: Fall & Spring (Various dates) | Major & Minor Fair: Fall Only
  • Various podcasts and articles associated with selecting the right major.