Frequently Asked Questions

MyDegree Tracker (Fall 2017 enrollment or later)

Student FAQ:

  • Audit
  • SEP (Student Educational Planner)

Academic Advisor FAQ:

  • Audit
  • SEP (Student Educational Planner)


Overview, MyDegree Tracker (8:39)

Add Note to Student Record (2:20)

Overview, Student Educational Planner (SEP) (6:32)


Overview, Evaluation, MyDegree Tracker (PDF)

Overview, Student Educational Planner, MyDegree Tracker (PDF)

MyDegree Tracker – Student Educational Plan Templates (Should submit as Word document).

Other FAQs:

Degree Evaluations (First Enrollment, Summer 2017 or earlier)

Non-matriculated Status Enrollment

  • Meet or speak with Office of Academic Advising
  • If permitted to enroll, download and submit “Registration Form (Main Campus)” and “Permit to Enroll” from our Forms to Download page.